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proper use of snuff spoon

After receiving my order of many kinds of snuff, I've finally realized that my method, using a snuff spoon, is not that versatile. It's fine for very dry and fine toast snuffs, but just a bit more coarse or moist and it doesn't make sense. It just makes clumps and clogs my nose.

Generally I didn't like pinching my snuff because I find it a bit unsanitary; but it seems I have no other option. For example, the Indian Super Kailash is a very moist but fine snuff, how do I use a snuff spoon? Should I dry it out? Pinching it works fine, but if I pinch it too tight it compresses. But the scent releases better.

Almost the same with Taxi Red. It works fine with a snuff spoon, but it's very fluffy so when I want to take a big spoonful, I end up taking a little bit so I've resorted to pinching this one exclusively.

So yeah. My question is: is using the spoon appropriate at all times, or are there times when it's less than useful? Maybe I'm missing something.


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Have you tried the boxcar? All the advantages of pinching, without the compression.
  • I use the boxcar when I have a tapbox, it works great. Just not when I have a snuff box or a tin. I suppose I could spoon it into the boxcar but that seems tedious.
  • Never used a soon, fork for snuff. But have used the knife. Knife works great to portion moist snuff to usually back of hand or to boxcar location. I guess using a spoon would achieve the same results for my uptake of snuff but personally never seen any reason for a spoon when it came to nasal intake. Only thing I've noticed to be a problem with spoons in my location is the uptake of pleasure some take with a partner of a needle (not witnessed tho).
  • DrOctagonDrOctagon Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    What sort of knife do you suggest? It has to be fairly small, however... Although doing snuff off a scimitar of some sort or a cutlass would be impressive, I'm fairly sure there are laws against that sort of thing. And if not, they'll make some because of me. I've always prided myself on being the trailblazer of new laws. I don't want to brag but I'm the reason they only put 25 cigarettes in a large pack. Before me it was 50.
  • for more coarse ground snuffs that are clumpy. Skim the edge of the spoons bowl over the surface of the snuff. This gets a good bump and breaks up the snuff and clumps.

  • i love the czech tool. its wedge shape is perfect for dosing from a can (not box then you need to get it out first)
  • You're a czech tool

  • No tools for me.  Pinch, back of the hand or a combo of the two.

    I like to warm a pinch and then "sprinkle" it onto the back of the hand.

  • LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    I use a snuff spoon with Super Kailash and other Indian snuffs like Anarkali and dont have a problem. Maybe the style of snuff spoon makes a difference to some people?
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  • Generally, I only use a spoon to transfer snuff either to the box, to the back of the hand, or to the boxcar. I have used the blade of a knife and the tip of a Swiss army knife can opener for the same purpose, but I use a Revlon cuticle pusher most often now.
  • I use spoons only for decanting.

    By the way, I'm really saddened by the coercive absence of OP. What were the actual grounds of ban?
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