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RoderickRoderick Member
edited March 2018 in General
Here at Toque we like to hear what you, our customers have to say. It has been a while since we last asked for your feedback so, can you tell us what you would like to see us doing for you? 

 We're not just looking for new flavours, if anything we have too many already in the pipeline. What we'd like is your creative ideas. 

 Is our website performing how you want it to, is it nice and easy to order?
 Is our packaging too much, can you get into it without pulling a muscle? 

 How is our customer service? 

 Is our 100 year guarantee a bit lame and should we make it 10 years? 

Let us know what you want from us. We are here to serve you.

I know some might think this a little corny but, without listening to our customers we won't improve.




  • Maybe a coarser rustica?
  • edited March 2018 PM
    Well my experience using is that it's easy to navigate, I like the way you choose your 5 for 6 and 9 for 10. I feel like toque and toque USA products are a great deal. I love how I can window shop and the cart holds my orders till I'm ready to buy.

    What would get me excited would be Silver Dollar 10g and 25g tins like other toque products. Maybe some coupon codes for Silver Dollar. I can't find any coupon codes for toque snuffs but they a great deal anyways but with toque being such a good deal it makes me kinda block out Silver Dollar which is about 2x the price if I remember correctly, but some kind of special offer and better tins on Silver Dollar could bring it more in the spot light.

    I just also want to say I'm enjoying my recent order and it took only 6 days to arrive to Michigan. I haven't used customer service but it's easy to tell that toque cares about its clients. Thanks for the top notch customer service.
  • I second that - please, better tins on Silver Dollar. It suffers badly in the present ones during storage.
  • I second the course rustica!! Also i know not of you 100 year guarantee?

    Website works great though
  • Roderick from one snuff maker to another - well done. I just received my first Toque brands from Mr.Snuff and can't stop sniffing them. The quit is wicked in a good way, a nice wake you up and pleasantly balanced in the old schnoz.

    If I could suggest anything it'd be with the silver dollar apricot - I cracked mine open from a couple years ago and the scent went awry. It still has the apricot tin note - but the actual in-nose scent is somewhat sour - and wasn't that way when I sealed it. I'm wondering if the tobacco base flour may have had a strange blend.

    Regardless, cheers and keep up the good work!
  • One thing that has always bugged me Roderick. When you do the 6 tins for the price of 5, choosing 2 of the same flavor is not an option, and it should be.
  • Very happy with Toque web site, navigation is great ,economy bags great--just placed a big order for NT--customer service great --reward points are nice, shipping cost very fair
  • ConkConk Member
    How about a Toque Tasting event?

    Organise a venue where registered attendees can turn up and sample your new creations. Using a unique scorecard system, you could gauge how well particular varieties will perform based on the responses from your most hardcore fans. 

    For those outside of the UK, once registered, sample packs could be sent in advance and we could have them connect through a video conference system and they could fill out online forms with their scores. This will allow us to share thoughts and ideas in real-time, also giving you the opportunity to see the differences in tastes based on location. What works here might fall flat on its face elsewhere. Would make for some good market research.

    Using your website, you could advertise the concept and if the response is good you could put it in motion. You could charge a fee for registration to cover the cost of the venue and obviously bring hordes of stock to sell on-site. If the response is good but not overwhelming, you could scrap the physical venue and do it entirely online, using the registration fee to cover the samples being sent out and a small bit of web development to create a really interesting scorecard system. 

    Either way, you'll be getting incredibly detailed market insights from your core customers, would definitely make some friends, shift some tins and hopefully make new customers too. You could even use social media to get your message out, targeting smokers who want to quit (probably illegal). Maybe team up with other suppliers to reduce costs and increase attendance, and call it a "Snuff Appreciation Convention" to circumnavigate any ludicrous tobacco advertising laws...

    ...Christ, this all sounds too much. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's great.
  • @Zanaspus i emailed toque awhile ago about that- and you can select just 2 flavors and you will get 3 of each. i know on the website it is misleading and you think you have to select all different flavors but you dont. and if you select 3 different flavors you get 2 each of is a great deal.@Roderick I think you are doing everything right and I am glad to see you on here and I appreciate you doing customer satisfaction. I wouldnt even focus on the silver dollar, as it does not even have a chance against toque. I dislike menthol snuffs, hence the reason i buy most toques.Thanks again roderick the website is easy to use,good shipping, and good packaging.Happy snuffing!
  • ConkConk Member
    Put pictures of perfectly healthy lungs on there with "Good News: Snuff Does Not Cause Lung Cancer"
  • With due respect to all opinions i would vote for simple labels, it's what's inside i am after :)
  • OTOF that's a great idea, one could easily DIY the label to the useful & reuseable  10g tin...i might create one with the Graf Zeppelin
  • meant to say "on the other hand", sorry about the typo
  • After trying just about every SP snuff to find my ultimate everyday snuff, i can honestly say that Toque Original is everything I've been looking for. However, on an evening i have an urge for a softer, mellow snuff. By chance i got hold of the last few tins of WOS summer berries, smooth, chocolate, malty, easy to take snuff, if Toque could recreate that i would be complete.
  • Also, could you recreate a good solid tactile snuff box. Not made out of nasty plastic but wood or metal or both. Not too big, not too small and not too expensive. Let's recreate a modern version of our Grandad's snuff box.
  • I'd really like to see Toque provide tracking for international shipments. I've been itching to order direct from Toque but am hesitant about "blind shipping". Correct me if I'm wrong about this, please.

  • baconpetebaconpete Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @SammyD13 It always shows up and there is a resend policy as well after x amount of days. When I order Toque I always order direct no problems.

    The Silver Dollar tins I think would be better if they had metal bottoms instead of the plastic ones just like the Ozona's from Poschl. And yeah would be nice to even have 10g Silver dollar tap tins and 25g (USA) Toque tins.

    I know people have suggested a monthly subscription to Mr.Snuff maybe a Toque one would work? I know I'd sign up

  • I love the nicotine hit and delicious smell of Toque quit. The other day I mixed it with some SD Rasberry and it was just about perfect. If you haven't yet i'd highly recommend something like that with the high Nic and mild menthol rasberry coolness.
    I appreciate everything you do.
  • Oh, and my last order was directly from the Toque website. My 100g of Quit arrived 5 days later and was wonderfully fresh! Keep up the excellent work!
  • @Marc1000 But what if you want 2-1-1-1-1? :p

  • bobbob Member
    I still think a warning about ammonia would be good. The only bad toque reviews I've seen all said it smelled like ammonia and that's gross. Like a note on the site and instructions on how to air it out. 
  • @Zanaspus yeah i still havent figured that but when i want to place such an order,i buy 2 batches to help a little in that way.
  • I
  • bobbob Member
    if you click the ones you like and send them an e-mail they'll sort it out I hear. Though a drop down would be nice to select the amount you want.
  • I knew I could rely on you lot. Some very good suggestions here. Thanks!
  • Roderick - any truth in the rumour that you have a top secret, Area 51 type shed on the farm with boffins working on new snuff technology such as snuff by email and snuff teleportation?
  • LOL!
  • I find that something more is needed to keep scents apart during shipment. I usually get orders around 7-10 days, which is great, but that's enough time to get serious transfer from a more assertive snuff like SP Extra into a more neutral one.
  • *^That's in regard to bulk 100g+ snuff bags I should say. Never had any prob with tins.
  • DxxDxx Member
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