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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Snuff takers in Scandinavia

VikingViking Member
edited August 2008 in General
Hello Pinchers!
Are there any other snuff takers in Scandiavia here on the forum, apart from myself?
Have a great pinch :)


  • *sigh* Apparently not :o(
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    There are a few Scots on here and although the Viking’s political reign in Scotland ended in 1263, we Scots celebrate our Viking ancestry with huge Yule (Jul) fires and burning of longboats at Hogmanay (New-year). I didn't want you to feel lonely! LOL!
  • He he, I know Roderick. And you have a lot of Danish street/city names. I am however saddened by the fact that the Cigarette mafia has such a stronghold in Scandinavia! Even the Swedes only know mouth-snus! I have never met a single tobacco user in Denmark having tried snuff. And no tobacconists carries snuff either. I buy my stock from England or Germany.
  • Viking,
    Every time you go to a tobacconists shop ask for some Toque snuff. We got our biggest shop order because customers were asking for Toque. We've had a couple of companies in Sweden and Denmark take samples, but no distribution deal has yet been signed.
  • Swedish match is producing a few sorts of snuff. Their rumneys export snuff is popular in germany,
    don t they sell it in sweden as well ?
  • Roderick. Perhaps in Copenhagen? But I've never seen anything but a few samples of ghastly gletscherprise snuff here in Arhus. I think it has to with the fact that STC almost has a monopoly on tobacco sale in Denmark - probably their bosses go to the same loge as the minister of trade :o)
  • didi - I wouldn't know? I hope so for the sake of the Swedes :o)
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