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warming natural snuffs

do you find warming natural snuffs increase the flavor?


  • Yes I do

  • Yes ... I hold most pinches for 20-30 seconds to "open them up".  

  • bobbob Member
    and makes it easier to snuff too.
  • My jaded nose doesn't feel any difference. Even at its best times this method wouldn't work for me - my fingers tend to be way too cold for such tricks.
  • I think i'm doing something wrong. When I try to "warm up" a pinch, it ends up getting compressed and turns into a pancake, and then that pancake gets lodged in my nose, and then the neighbor has to come over with an air compressor and stick it in my other nostril to blow the snuff pancake out because I can't breathe.

    Well the last part is sort of an exaggeration but the rest is true.
  • After warming, rub that pancake between your fingers while inhaling. That will save your neighbours.

  • After compressing the pinch, I rub it out onto the back of my hand, aka, anatomical snuff box.

  • Seems tho many folks are having problems here with enjoying snuff. Use the search bar to diagnose any problems as it is documented there with many remedies.
  • Ehhh I gave up enjoying snuff *your* way. I just inhale the stuff. Sometimes I go too far, yet sometimes I feel I don't go far enough. Not complaining, though.
  • bobbob Member
    you don't need to apply so much pressure. Jeez just apply a light touch. This should prevent pancakes. Although having problems with pancakes is a sign of something terrible because pancakes are kind of awesome. 
  • IHOP =P~
  • bobbob Member
    I was totally thinking about IHOP especially since they opened one right down the street from me. All I can say is waffles. Though still not sure where the international part comes in.

  • ....So then I said, "Hey buddy, if this is the house of pancakes, how come I can't eat the walls?"
  • bobbob Member
    you'd get it if you where a little more "international" and in this case that is some type of euphemism. Euphemism for what I don't know as I am also not international enough to get it.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited March 2018 PM
    They have them in the US and Canada so it is "international" (more than 1 nation)
  • bobbob Member
    Just like Tim Hortons which has some shops down "south" as in the North East. 
  • i dont get a difference with the pinch/warming but it think can help to hold a pinch for a while with the real dry english snuffs then a bit of skin oils and moisture will make the sniff easier
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