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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Dry/Fine Grind/High Nicotine Snuffs

Hey all. In this thread, I'd like to compile a list of snuffs that are very dry, fine and high in nicotine. I've tried a few varieties of snuff, and found those qualities to be preferable. Unfortunately, I'm still very much new to this particular sort of tobacco, so I'd appreciate the help of this forum in finding other snuffs that'd be up my alley.

As cold and boorish as this might sound, I personally only use snuff (and any other form of tobacco) as a vehicle for nicotine delivery. Blasting my nostrils with a pleasant aroma might be nice and all, but the real goal is a strong, long-lasting nicotine buzz (for me, at least). I've found snuffs that are moist, coarse and of medium to low nicotine to be the least effective in this regard.

Obviously, the entire Swisher line of American scotches meet the dry/fine grind requirements. However, out of the entire Swisher line, I've only tried Starr - which has become my favorite snuff so far. For those of you that have sampled the other Swisher snuffs: do any of them pack an identical/stronger punch, while having a better aroma?

I'm also aware that several Indian snuffs meet these requirements as well, such as White Elephant and Cheeta. However, I haven't had the chance to try those yet.

Feel free to drop your comments and recommendations here if you have anything to add.


  • Toque Rustica. Any of the Indian Madras snuffs. Sparrow and Sparrow Cool from Dholakia. 6P Cheeta and Natural. Im letting you know only Indian mainly since I have tried only those in the categories you state.
  • Someone please send (gift) the guy a few large tubs of Bohica.
  • nukuranukura Member
    edited March 2018 PM

    I guess that post was a little too blunt. I should've known better than to trod into an enthusiast's den asking that sort of question. Not the best way to introduce myself on these forums, I suppose.

    No disrespect was intended toward the finer points of snufftaking. I understand that many people find great pleasure in the subtleties you're talking about, and I have no problem with that. But I'm in every way a "casual". I only snuff three or four times per month, and I do so primarily because it's a very practical stimulant - much more so than cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

    I have tried some of the coarse, moist, high-nicotine snuffs (such as Taxi Red and NTSU Black), but I didn't really find them to be my cup of tea. I made this thread because I've identified characteristics of a snuff that I personally enjoy, and I'd like to try more that are similar. Because I don't take snuff particularly often, I'd like to stick to those that I know I'll enjoy. Excuse the lack of adventurous spirit - I don't quite have the time or the budget to sample as many as I'd otherwise like to.

    In any case, thank you for the suggestions. I'll keep an eye out for them after I finish this tin of Starr.

  • ConkConk Member
    I found Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend to have a high nicotine content (all of their snuffs claim to be but only some are fine and dry), but as with the scent of a snuff, you'll often find contrasting opinions on its nicotine content. Latakia blend in my opinion is dry, some may disagree because it sticks to your fingers, but I'd put that down to a fine grind and a moist finger (easy now...), not moist snuff. 

    It might be worth trying their Havana Toast and Lundy Foot based on what you're after.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    ***Just a reminder, folks, to keep things civil B-)
  • And dont forget the Sir Walter Scott s  St.James Parish blend!!!
  • If you just want nicotine, the American scotch are your ticket. I think Bruton is the strongest of these I've tried.
    If I were only going to snuff 3-4 times a month I'd probly get a tub of White Elephant and forget the rest.
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    thunder fine grind (they have fine and coarse versions which are both rather coarse)
    very dry but super easy to sniff even in large quantities it will never hit the throat u wont need that much the nicotine delivery while not uber strong is instant. only lightly scented (talking about abri cool i have). actualy the first snuff i think about ordering a 20 box pack/larger quantity by the rate i am going trough it despite other stuffs on the side
    it will never clog the nose and has forward drip that is unmatched by non schmalzler snuffs like this is
    clears the nose when nicotine delivery is done and leaves a light sweet but not floral taste really more the sweetness than the actual apricot so it wont interfere by making you smell apricot for the next half hour. backdrip rarely happens and if it does its not bitter. the tobacco might be south african like ntsu it has the same darker color and similar effect while the thunders are milder they come in tapboxes aired out and not wet dripping of ammonia.
    looks like manufacturer v2 takes the ntsu/taxi style tobacco and puts them in more palatable form for the market here. i was not expecting much when i ordered the abri cool v2 mainly makes chew stuff but this is good! nothing super fancy but not boring either

    thunder abri cool fine grind - coarse even grind thats not falling out of the nose, particles are heavy never go too deep, light apricot thats clearly there very sweet but not floral,feint ghost of menthol spooking in the back  spicing things up for the apricot,fast nicotine,fast and reliable forward drip

    its really hard to find i fear it might have gone out of production its all sold out now where i bought it even the big packs and coarse grind
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Thunder for Europe: (VAT will be added at checkout + shipping 6 EUR for 10 tap boxes).
    Thunder worldwide (excluding some USA states): (no VAT added at checkout).

    South African snuffs are fluffy (some could find them too coarse), Thunder isn't. Strength is almost similar.

    Thunder snuffs are designed very much cigarette-like. You take them, get your nic (it's 16 mg/g) in a few minutes, then blow your nose (it's almost imposible to keep that snuff for longer time due to Niagara Falls-like forward drip) and stay content till your next pinch.
  • For me the highest nicotine snuffs i tested are sws lundy foot, sg black rappee and neffa bledi by poschl.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Neffa Ifrikia and Neffa Green (Ifrikia with a dash of mint) by Sifaco.
  • @volunge thanks i ordered from another shop though it was cheaper got me 20 of the abri cool fine and im gonna try the other varieties mento extra mento and frosted
    i kinda want to have some in my pocket to give to smokers this is a great snuff for quitting smoking because of the good nicotine delivery
    south african tobacco is used in thunder same type like ntsu or ifrikia thats what i meant to say
    neffa ifrikia is from the effect same like ntsu maybe a bit stronger in delivery because its alkalized highly
    kinda way too dry for me goes straight to the lung
    i think i found my favorite snuff with the thunder who would have thought one rather unknown mediocre rated but its just nicely engineered in how its snuffeable like the gletscherprise which is another highly developed  snuff but the thunder has with real nicotine delivery and no bitter backdrop just leaves sweetness
  • The most powerful fine snuff I have tried is SWS St James' Parish. It really does give you a rush but does not make you feel ill like Toque Rustica (and their Whiskey and Honey USA for me too)
  • Just try them all. They all have nicotine and the charge you get is totally dose-related. Use more or less, use different snuffs, pack your nose, sit back and enjoy the rush, as Dean Swift used to say.
  • Have many Dean Swift snuffs I'd put up in buy sell trade if anybody gave a hoot for them.
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