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Your own Crazy George.

 I was drooling over today, wishing I could afford to place an order, and saw that they have Crazy George for sale, which i'd like to try sometime, hopefully in the near future. I love the thought of making mixes and have dabbled a bit recently when I mixed My Quit with some SD Apricot.  Then I remembered I had a mix jar of all the snuffs I didn't like too much. 
 Does anyone else do this? Mine isn't bad if it's mixed up enough. I just tried it and, though I can't describe the taste, I like it. Here's what's in the mix:

 American Scotch Company Scotch
 ASC Sweet like a peach
 A little SD Apricot
Toque Whiskey and honey

 This jar is a few months old and now I like the Apricot and almost want to give W&H another try.  I thought it was awful. The honey and whiskey smells were too much for me.  Maybe they would be better if I aired it out a bit next time.

 What's in your reject mix? 


  •  I rather like this mix. The Smokey scotch base is softened by the sweetness of the W&H and Apricot SD. 
    It makes me want to get a more diverse assortment of snuffs just to dump in to see what I get. I can't stop 
    pinching from this jar. It's like chasing shots of whisky with an Apricot while standing downwind from a barbeque...and that's about the best description I can manage tonight.

  • my reject mix is citric-menthol made out of straight-to-the-lung dry mccrystals sicilian blast,smokers blend,wilson of sharrow lemon grove then some rosinski alter fritz that went "toilet-cleaner" and a dried up rumney's export - everything drowned with poeschl mix snuff (bad name for that product its pretty heavy mentholated limiting mixing options)

    pretty sharp in the nose but alright
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    i have several other jars and boxes for the good mixes
  • i need to figure out what to do with rosinski driesener its so dry probably nobody can sniff that and i dont find the driesener anymore on the site in the shop only the jars so it might have been replaced by a mentholated version (maybe the nordisch gruen? which is green like the driesener)
    hard to figure out something to put it in with with its rather distinct sweet herbal aroma
  • SunnyDay no, dont throw away the Rosinskis...both are fantastic but a little special maybe...
    try to warm up one pinch of the Driesener with your breath or use it when your nose is a little wet...
    and Alter Fritz needs a bit of airing...
    Rosinskis snuffs are all of them fantastic and historic somehow,total different from British,Indians etc.
  • i have a crazy george jar but there is too many snuffs mixed in to remember. most of them came from 5 and 10 gram tins i didnt like. all mixed in it isnt that bad... not that good either
  • @tobaccobob i know i nearly got all the rosinsiks even in the nice jars and love them the driesener is just very dry i might just get some liquid paraffin from the drugstore and try to rehydrate
    you might be right with the alter fritz i think what created this "toilet-refreshener" scent is the orange together with ammonia from the tobacco. im going to order it again and just let it air out a bit next time
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