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UK>US Shipping Woes

Last May, I placed an order with Mr. Snuff that included some pricey things, and a


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Please continue. Just don't use special characters in this forum, or your post will be cut off.
  • Oh, yeah, looks like it DID get cut off.

    ... an irreplaceable item. Nearly 60 dollars, WITH a loyalty discount.

    Never arrived, even to this day. I realize they have no control once it leaves the UK, but couldn
  • Cut off again.

    Why not at least a credit? Or even a partial credit?
  • I read all the disclaimers, yes, but if you choose to ship things overseas, is this not a risk you will face?
  • Adoptneed,

    I wouldn't worry it will arrive. Depending in where you are deliveries sometimes go by horse and cart. Canada is the craziest as we have some customers getting Toque in 8 days, the vast majority get their orders between 8-12 days yet Canada holds the record for the slowest delivery ever, 81 days.

  • 81 days is nothing compared to the 10 months the OP has been waiting
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @AdoptNeed May of last year???
  • Yep. Order placed May 26, payment shows on the bank account as of May 30. Still no arrival. I mean ... customs is hapless and all, but jeez.
  • Looks like a refund or another batch should be sent. A small price to pay for goodwill.
  • I would ever so gladly accept another batch, but the Chinese snuff component (non-tobacco, OK, but it included one of those ceramic jar thingies, and was the last of their inventory of that item) cannot be replaced. So ... well ... what can I do?
  • bobbob Member
    I hope you have contacted the seller. 
  • Well of course, several times. They always advised giving it another week. By late August or so, I just gave up, figuring it was over. I had ordered a bulk container, and it lasted several months, so I just settled into that. Now I want to place another order, and in fact already have, but a friend urged me to tell the story here. So here I am.
  • In fact, I sent another email recently before ordering again, asking for at least a credit ... no answer to that either for several days now.
  • Or, if by seller, you mean the original manufacturers, that would be 4 or 5 different companies, and no, I have not done that. I believe they are all outside the US, and I do not even know if they ship internationally. Indeed, finding origins willing to ship internationally limits your options to a frustrating degree.
  • bobbob Member
    That is messed up. If the past is any indication it does take a while for these things to get resolved (has to with Royal Mail rules) and the fact that sometimes things get delayed for insane amounts of time with overseas shipping. And the seller would be where you purchased from not the manufacturers. 
  • bobbob Member
    Only time to contact the manufacturers is if the product is messed up like mislabeled or gone bad.
  • I have great news! Mr. Snuff has issued a credit for the value of the lost order! (Excludes the shipping costs, of course, but over 50 dollars even so!) Great job, Mr. Snuff!
  • AmandaAmanda Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @AdoptNeed I am very pleased to know that your issue has been finally resolved. Happy snuffing! :)

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
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