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Revitalise your snuff in tins without rehydrating

SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
edited March 2018 in Snufftaking
Hey guys i noticed that some tins mainly with oiled or sweetened snuffs tend to collect oils and aroma solution mainly on the sides and the bottom as well as on the edge of the bottom which makes the snuff less aromatic and more dry.
this is probably caused by temperature differences of the tin to tobacco (like when you take a cold drink out of the fridge and moisture collects from the air humidity on it because its colder than the environment).
long time storage with changing temperatures or shipping when its cold
for this reason i also think its not good to store snuff in the fridge.

to revitalize the snuff just take half of the content out of the tin (just put it in the lid) while doing so crush any clumbs you see then when you have a bit of room to work without spilling everything scrape the sides and bottom of the tin with something like a snuff spoon and move the tobacco gently over the residue to make it blend again. you might already notice the tobacco looking somewhat fluffier less dry.
now put the snuff that was set aside at the beginning back in the lower tin then close and shake tapping the bottom a few times.
enjoy your revitalized snuff 8-}

this is for snuffs with oil and/or molasses/sugar for the ones that are dry to begin with (sp's,lemon grove,smokers blend,sicilian blast and the sorts) i find the best way to keep moisture inside for sure once opened is using aluminum duct tape, great tape not only useful to reseal things but also for heat/cold insulation because other than cloth/plastic duct tape this one does never deform or loosens its grip when subjected to temperature changes


  • i store schmalzlers except bernards (they come in tapboxes) in the fridge and rosinskis (bagged, when filled in glas i keep them outside) those are so oily and moist there wont be a problem with them and those are in bags anyways
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Interesting, will indeed try this out. Seems logical enough. does this go with all oiled german snuffs?

  • yes but the german snuffs almost all come in tapboxes so they are a bit more dry to begin with and those plastic boxes dont seem prone to have stuff stuck to them or the snuffs sold in those are concipated to not react and also not stick to the material usualy those that dont (perlesreuter,doppelaroma,suedfrucht,brasil a,frankfurter,oderlaender) are sold in bags
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