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Has my snuff gone wrong?

Hi Guys,

Just finished a tin of HEDGES, well...almost, because there is a little left but it has a weird smell, like washing powder of powder of soap.
Has anyone experienced this? Would you finish this?


  • there is no way a hedges can grow mold or bacteria the menthol and camphor kills everything micobiological
    maybe the oils are just concentrated a lot in the leftover or your nose is a bit desensitized to the menthol and is picking up other parts of the scents more or its the opposite the leftover has lost some parts of its aroma

    just some guesses but your hedges cant go wrong except react with plastic or silver but since you kept it in the original tin everything should be fine
  • Most snuffs do contain washing soda or/and other alkalizers. I recall the first time I noticed it in WoS Dr. Rumneys Brown. I found it very off-puting in the beginning, but it had really grown on me later.

    I still have some pinches left in my 7 years old Hedges tin. It's gone bone-dry, bright, almost scentless, but no noticeable microbial contamination (weird smell or mould) whatsoever.

    If you don't enjoy it anymore, don't torture yourself. Bin it and get a fresh tin.
  • yes just get a fresh tin good idea why force oneself to sniff up some leftovers you dont enjoy just get a nice fresh tin its not like snuff costs a fortune (well if you buy 200 varieties maybe :D)
  • I never enjoyed last 1/5 tin of any snuff.
  • Yes, that's what I'm saying. No mould or anything just a wierd smell and less menthol and it clogs more. So you have experienced it too.. Good. It's normal then.  :)>-

    I'll start a new one.
  • bobbob Member
    tins aren't great for snuff storage. especially when there is a tiny bit left. Just how the cookie shakes as they say.
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