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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Six Photo 15 variety assorted pack first impressions

SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
edited March 2018 in Types of Snuff
here a quick rundown of my impression on the six photo range
the journey trough indian snuff has been pleasant so far and way better than expected
for nicotine i cant tell (as with other snuffs excluding the extremes) only that its there except for the strong cheeta and la snuff where its clearly available instantly
it can be said that six photo are mostly extremely easy to sniff, while fine grind they are pretty oily, good moisture level and what counts most is particle weight which is perfect and will never fly to far
none of them causes backdrip or a lot of frontal drip but some "wet" the nose so it can be cleaned out easy
the tobacco aroma is rather pronounced and somewhat soggy and musky but not in a bad way at all.
sorry i cant give more detailed desctiptions on the particular scents but those are all well blended and round while for the most part foreign to my nose still this should help to give a general idea what they are like.

6 photo medicated snuff - very india, my favorite, bright citric fresh but untraditionaly medicated compared to western menthol snuffs, extremely easy to sniff with a fine grind and perfect particle weight, the exotic scents can be overpowering on first use, long lasting smell

6 photo medicated no.66 snuff - nicely cooling but not very needly/piney, has more india in it than 666. for me the 66 and 666 are close were the 66 is less western traditional,sweetnees from anise/licorice and is strongly cooling, super easy to sniff you can take huge bumps careless directly from the snuff spoon it wont be a problem

6 photo medicated no.666 snuff - similar to 66 but less india in it, the indian hedges, a most easy sniff, i love that i can still smell the tobacco over the oils

Kailash - cinnamon with a hint of chemical toilet, this one is dark black and so oily it created thick layers you need to poke trough and fluff up in the tin,
would be great if not for that something awful component that comes close to construction site chemical toilet liquid

Super Kailash - extreme chemical toilet, technicaly great easy to sniff
perfect consistency, this one is bright brown

Special Snuff - fine grind black and easy to sniff, strong scent and pleasant burn in the nose for a second, flowery good in blend with some "india" and a bit of cooling and cinnamon? sweetness

Anarkali - same consistency like special snuff and its similar but a bit more flowery soapy i like the special snuff more

Begum Green - its green! miny but not medicated its more of a sweet snuff the mint only in cooling no pronounced mint taste and reminds of vanilla, needs a bit more care sniffing because its particles are lighter, can be a bit sharper in the nose compared to the other medicated maybe due to less other oils for round out the cooling effect, lovely snuff if you want some freshness without more "heavy" medication

Gold Rush - light brown, easy sniff, smells like washing powder but not in the nose, overpowering fruity but lovely very different from every other fruity snuff, the flavor itself reminds of tropical candy gummys and the sorts, this is a great snuff for mixing to bring in some sour fruityness ive been mixing it with bernards regensburger pris, zwiefacher, thunder abri cool and cheeta :D

Chocalicious - light brown, easy sniff, tastes almost identicaly (and looks) like jaxons club special (choco tangerine) with no tangerine but the jaxons tangerine is half imagination as well, not very chocolate but in character and general feel, you might take a whiff of chocolate sometimes

Coffee Kick - light brown, clogs my nose because i sniff too much of it so easy to sniff big bumps. similar to begum green but less sharp and a more pronounced tobacco aroma, only a hint of coffee but it goes in that direction it could be compared to an ice coffee drink with some mint sprinkled above and leaf like on the label for decoration, pleasant snuff that makes you want to stuff your nose with it

Indian Curry - light brown, easy sniff, this one falls flat for me its not bad but does not have much of a scent, what can be smelled can only be described as pleasant but its not pronounced at all, it could have its time and place

Motia - dark brown, super fine grind combined with a lot of oil make this the messiest of hundreds of snuffs i tried but its an easy sniff, musky flowery less feminine more manly still not leathery, its pleasant a bit less powerful in its flowery scent than special snuff or anarkali

LA Snuff (extra strong golden natural snuff) - fine golden yellow dust, no scent, unsnuffeable goes straight to the lung
good for mixing

Cheeta Brand Snuff - fine bright yellow dust, no scent, unsnuffeable goes straight to the lung but if you manage to succeed it gives a pleasant rush with a possible heart attack

thats it for now
going to order bigger tins of medicated 6,66 and 666,begum green,coffee kick and probably special snuff!


  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Cheetah is actually scented, albeit subtly. It has an incense type smell. It is also snuffable, it just requires some technique. One can bypass the need for technique by using a kuripe to blow it into ones own nose. That technique works well for all fine, dry snuffs, including other Indian white snuffs.
  • yes the kuripe interesting thing i need to try out when i get around to build me one!
  • Keep practicing sniffing fine snuffs. The technique will come and be second nature before you know it.
  • little update: the special snuff works great to decongest the nose even in tiny doses, its out of the ordenary crystalline
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Will is right, Cheeta is scented. The only unscented 6P nasal snuff is Natural. Cheeta Chhap Gul is plain, but its meant fororal use.
    If you find Cheeta tricky, White Elephant and Dholakia White might seem even more challenging.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    Great notes thanks @SunnyDay ! I particularly liked this part: "pleasant snuff that makes you want to stuff your nose with it" ?
  • I really like all of them, especially the numbered medicated ones. 666 is the best menthol snuff imo.
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