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The Pouring Technique - for fine/dry snuff

I've read quite a bit about fine/dry snuffs being extremely difficult to take, mainly because of its propensity to end up in your lungs. However, there's a common-sense solution to this problem. Despite that fact, I haven't seen it discussed here before. Perhaps I'm just doing a terrible job of research - if this has been mentioned elsewhere, feel free to direct me to the relevant post and lock this thread.

Simply put, this technique uses a snuff spoon to dump the tobacco directly onto the side of the nostril. Because no inhalation is required, "oversnuffing" is not a possibility.

In more detail:
Step 1: Load up the snuff spoon (or similar instrument) with your preferred dose.
Step 2: Tilt your head 90 degrees, so that your ear is nearly resting on your shoulder.
Step 3: With the spoon parallel to the ceiling, hold your breath and insert it into a nostril (this might require a flaring of the nostrils).
Step 4: Rotate the spoon inside of your nose, effectively pouring the tobacco onto the surface of the nostril.
Step 5: Pinch your nose with your fingers and apply a rubbing motion, as if you were warming a pinch of snuff. This distributes the powder over the surface of nostril.
Step 6: Resume breathing and enjoy the aroma.

From what I can gather, this is the most efficient method of taking "difficult" snuffs. However, it's likely the most unsightly as well, which makes it ill-suited for public use.


  • thanks for this! i have not thought about that only used the finger so far as last resort technique
    just should make sure to clean the spoon i think
    the downside of this technique is that its not much fun compared to carelessly sniffing a nice bump

    another good technique that was mentioned somewhere in the dephts of this forum (actualy got this from snuffbegins youtube who got it from here) is the "plugging" where one takes a pinch brushes off dust holding the pinch then tilting the thumb horizontal and moving it to the nostril to "plug" it airtight keeping the thumb in place
    then close your mouth and sniff lightly or for extremely dry snuffs just breathe out trough the nose
    the pressure will blow up the snuff into your nose.
    pinch your nose and breathe out trough the nose before breathing normaly again
  • @SunnyDay - I haven't actually tried the plugging technique yet, so I can't really make an accurate comparison. However, I can say that this is a viable alternative to "plugging" for those who don't like to get snuff on their fingers (like me) :)
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    what also helps is putting the chin up to the chest while sniffing i always keep forgetting about that
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