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pros cons and tips to taking snuff off the back of the hand

what are the pros to taking snuff off the back of the hand versus the pinch, what are the cons what are some tips


  • For fine, dry snuffs I find the back of the hand is a bit easier to take without taking it into my sinuses or throat. Regardless of the snuff, I find it works best when you dose a little bit into a neat little pile on the back of the hand, I like two equally sized piles spaced about an inch apart. Then take one pile per nostril. Perfectly even, perfectly dosed because you see exactly how much you're taking.

    All that said, I still usually pinch.
  • the pro tip is going from back of the hand to boxcar vroooom vrooom

    - windshielded
    - earthquake secure
    - higher resolution aim
    - advanced rolloff protection
    - improved stealth from alarming civilists
    - live airflow fine tuning by distance control
  • Wow @SunnyD .. maybe you could do a full Youtube tutorial on this subject. When I feel a earthquake ill be sure to check it out if I'm still alive. These techniques interest me and will do some internet research on what will work best for when I give any future advice about this subject.
    I'm not fond of the boxcar personally, but I like to fly or float as it provides a more comfortable ride...
  • @SunnyDay - now that's being passionate. I like.
  • With a pinch, I have good control. My snuff goes up my nose and my shirt stays clean.

    Off the back of the hand, if the wind doesn't get it, my moustache will. Great for cutting down on how much you put up your nose, bad for the laundry and looking presentable.
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