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another discovery

i find the back of the hand, flattening the snuff out and the lightest sniff possible gives me the most smell. any other tips?


  • Baking, by warming up your pinch for a minute then snuff. I've noticed some snuffs work best one way or another for bringing out the aroma
  • Try several methods for each new snuff you take. I find that powdery fine Indian snuffs work best in a boxcar for me, middling British and Indian snuffs are best in a small pinch per nostril, especially after warming, American scotches are best in neat piles on the back of the hand, and coarse and moist British snuffs work best in heaps in a boxcar or hefty pinches. Each snuff is different, as is each snuffer. 
  • one nostril boxcar the other "plugging" (pile on thumb that is horizontal pointing towards you, breathe out,bring up to nose and close the gaps, EXhale trough the nose sharp so that the powder is spread by the pressure)

    boxcar for a good sniff and the "plugging" to spread the tobacco more in front of the nose
    and sniffing outside, my nose is a bit impaired inside for lemon,eucalyptus,lemon-eucalyptus(the tree) and orange because i use the essential oils a lot
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