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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Toque - New range coming - What tin?

We're just about to launch a new traditional range of snuffs and someone on snuffhouse asked that we use vacuum tins to preserve flavour longer. What do you guys think?


  • I have a problem with snuff drying out once the screw top tins have been opened. The vacuum tins keep snuff fresh and hydrated much longer in my experience.
    Any hints on what we may see in the new line of snuffs?
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Vouching for vacuum tins. Vacuum tins are great, they make the snuff last longer than potatoes, and potatoes last forever!

  • I'm definitely for the vacuum tins. A new range of traditional snuff from Toque, this is exciting.
  • cant wait for the new snuffs!
  • bobbob Member
    vacuum tins sound great. Even if tins should be called samples. :) New varieties now that's awesome. But go with the better tins. Seriously think about how much a bad tin can ruin a good snuff (G&H for example), and if it keeps them then might actually be worth buying a tin or so.
  • Love the idea of toque vacuum tins
  • My favourite tins of any snuff are the now discontinued F&T tins. I've given away most of the empties over the years to non snuffing friends, and keep getting asked for more.....they won't be getting my last few though! After the F&T's the normal Toque tins are my favourite. I'm not personally a big fan of the vacuum tins, they can oxidize and get very hard to open if they've not been opened in a while I find, especially with moist snuffs. Even though they're cool tins, I think the WoS type are the worst......
  • No problems with current 10 and 25 g tins.

    Small glass bottles for traditional range would be nice, they secure moisture perfectly and don't oxidixe. Unfortunately, glass containers have their own drawbacks - weighty and fragile, shipping them could be a piece of headache.

    I have bad experience with vac tins, more than half of them were leaky (talking about SG tins). Having said that, I admit proper vac tin being a real deal, and even leaky ones do better job than any tap box.

  • 8+ mill Mylar vacuum seal biggies with resealabe Ziploc. Will preserve for a good amount of time, light weight and more compact for shipping. I tend to decant any snuff I like to preserve that I plan on having for any length of time to good Amber glass jars.
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    I have a lot of 25 gm tins of toque saved for all other snuffs. i personally like the screw tins.if your vacuum tins will be like anything like tap boxes forget it. i hate dumping snuff on my hand, i like uncrewing and taking a pinch. and all this talk of drying out before the tin is gone to me is nonsense. i use 1 to 2 tins at the same time unscrewing and taking a pinch and by that time my snuff is gone to worry about drying out. i have about 30 tins in case i do not like your new tins, if they are a tap type.
  • Mylar will solve most anybody's problem. Take the efforts to decant in your chosen vessel. If you use snuff I'm sure you'll find what your comfortable without needing complicated or exuberant packaging.
    Be smart and keep it simple and smart.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @Marc1000 I prefer pinching, too. You can quite easily open those tap boxes (most of them) and take a pinch.
    @Roderick, SD cries in these tap tins..
  • I can't wait to see the new line . I think the old tins are ok as long as you don't dent them . Butt vacuum sealed would be interesting.
  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    I think the question was about the current screw top tins Vs vacuum tins and not tap boxes. I hope tap boxes or anything plastic would not be considered at all.
    Many of us have many more then one or two 25g tins open at any given time. If I had only 50g to knock out before drying out it would be no problem.
    In addition to the functionality of vac tins I think they would have a more vintage look for the upcoming traditional line.
  • The vaccuum tins are worth a try.  Can't wait for the new range of traditional snuff.
  • Vacuum tins, absolutely. I was also really happy with the sealed paper and foil (I think) baggies from Rosinski.
  • I'm torn on this.

    Vacuum tins are great for storing snuff, right up until the first time they are opened. After that, I don't feel they store snuff any better than the Toque screw tins.

    The screw tins are better for regular carry/use. They are the only tins that I will carry instead of decanting into a snuffbox.

    Hmmm.... :-?
  • OK. Having just been for a dump (which is where I do my finest thinking), I can now say that 25g vacuum tins for longer term sealed storage, and 10g screw tins for daily carry purposes, would be the best of both worlds.
  • I second 50ft_trad.
  • 50ft, Not a picture I wanted to have in my head before bed. However an interesting thought, the different tins I mean. 
  • You should have read it after you woke up then :))


    I would miss the screw tins more on the 10g sizes, for sure. In fact I have tended to buy specific products in specific tin sizes dependent on how I use them. For example...

    Toffee, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Blueberry, and several others are great snuffs, but I dont use them as all day snuffs. I will carry a 10g tin for an occasional pinch rather than load a snuffbox with it. I have bought those on the 9 for 10 deal. While I do have some unopened 10g tins in storage, ease of carry and use is more important to me.

    Spanish Gem, St Clements, SP Extra I will happily go all day with, or use them as a primary snuff, so I get 25g tins and decant as required. I get those on the 6 for 5 deal. I have one of each in play at the moment, and one of each in storage. Vac tins would be great there. Kendal Brown and Plain Coarse and Ambrosia I got in bulk, and will fill a day box with those too.

    Probably way more info than you need (and I dont just mean about the thinking room) but now my earlier comments might make more sense.
  • Vacuum tins are a great idea for storage, but I
  • Im more interested in the new line if snuff!
  • Hot Chilli and Cheese with a good flower cover in a sealed foil package.
  • I agree with those that say 10g screw tops and 25g vacuum tins.
  • I'd like screw tins that are less flimsy than the current ones. The ones I had tended to warp a bit.
  •  I agree with what 50ft_trad said.
  • LiamLiam Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    I must agree with Dan, traditional F&T style are the best, they have a good compromise between usability and storage quality. Vacuum tins are absolutely best for storage..but are not good as daily drivers. Personally anything above 50g I would opt for vacuum tin as I wold most likely buy it for long term storage, but up until 25g I think i would prefer a well done screw top. 
  • @Liam, F&T tins were nice, but prone to corrosion. I could not recommend them for prolonged storage of any moist snuff. Santo Domingo ruined the inner side of the tin in less than one year. And WoS tins are even worse. I got a quite fresh tin of WoS Best Dark (not older than 4 months), which was already rusty.
  • basically all i use are toque 10g tins. ive bought the 10 pack sampler deal just because i wanted the tins. they dont last forever but ive got tons of them. ill just order more when i need them. that only means i get to try another 10 flavors that way!
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