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Your best medicated/menthol snuff

I haven't tried to many different medicated snuff. Only Silver Dollar Medicated, 6 Photo Super Medicated No 666, and Toque Menthol. They are all great but I really enjoy the Silver Dollar Medicated. I hear great things about Hedges L260, that's going to be on my next MrSnuff order.

What are some of your favorites? Also I'm sure there is plenty of snuff whose name you wouldn't think is a medicated snuff, what are some of those?


  • McChrystal's Highland Ice is a good one.

    You can also purchase pure menthol crystals and make any snuff medicated.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Hi @Snuffy_Nose

    My two favourites, both strong menthol and nicotine-wise:
    Arnold Andre (Swedish Match) Kensington Luxury English Snuff (dry, fine, light brown, with a dash of lavender oil)
    and Wilsons of Sharrow (WoS) Singleton's Super Cool (moist, coarse, dark and smoky)

    And just some of those vaguely-named mentholated/medicated snuffs and schmalzlers (including some discontinued):
    Jaxons: 1869
    McChrystal's: English Olde
    WoS: Crumbs of Comfort, Dynamite, Prime Minister, S.P. Silver, Dr. Rumneys Green and Blue
    Bernard: Amostrinha, Jubilaums, Weiss Blau, Steife Prise, Zwiefacher
    Arnold Andre (Swedish Match): Rumney's Export
    Poschl: Red Bull and Red Bull Aromatic (A-type), Konigsprise, Ozona President,
    Radford and Radford Premium, Andechs Special, Bayern-Prise (Brasil mit Snuff),
    Ozona English Type
    6 Photo: Motia
    Samuel Gawith (SG): CCC, Dr. Verey's Full and Dr. Verey's Full Plus, Richt Kind, Sam's Own
    Viking: Iss

    NB: all Poschl snuffs (except pure schmalzlers) are mentholated.
  • Poschl President
    Poschl Apricot
    WoS Crumbs of Comfort
    McChrystals Original and Gunuine
  • hedges
    6 photo 6
  • 6P 6 and 66. Dholakia medicated no. 10.
  • McChrystals Original & Genuine. That is all.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Its impossible for me to pick ONE favorite menthol snuff. Sometimes I want the strong hit of extra menthol, sometimes I want the earthier and weaker SM. And other times again I want that weird poschl/gawith mix called depends on my mood, nosefeel, if I want plain menthol or flavored menthol etc. You cant go wrong with WoS menthols though...or any english menthols at all..

  • Poschl gletscher prise for those who like low menthol. I love ozona english type but it tends to block my nose.
  • english menthols are my favorites JH wilisons med 99, hedges L260, McCrystals O&G
  • Original and Genuine and Toque Menthol.
  • McChrystal's Sturco packs a decent punch.
  • I love 6 Photo no.66 and 666. I also love many other 6 photo snuffs like Special, Anarkali,
    I like the Poschl menthol ones like Apricot , Red Bull, president and Ozona
    MCChrystals is also great. Ah there are so many good mentholated snuffs out there. You must try them all!
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