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van living and snuff storage.

   Alright, as the title says I live in a van. Spring has hit hard this year and it's heating up.  My van has no air conditioning or anything and I keep all my snuff in there.  I recently bought a little  ice chest, one of those ones that can fit a six pack of beer and has a handle to carry on picnics or whatever.  All my snuff is in there double bagged the best I can.  I've already accumulated enough snuff where soon I will have to find a bigger box.  

    I know temperature changes aren't good for snuffs but I don't know what else I can do.

   Do you think I'll be okay in just the ice chest?  Any suggestions?  I don't think an ice pack would be a very good idea.


  • Weirdly , I also live out in caravans . I use an insulated box year round for snuff ...some in the van and some in a shed in an upright freezer (not plugged in ) . I ve had no real problems , been here twenty year and not thrown any snuff away yet .  I bought quite a lot of bargain weight in the EU law shakeup so I m recently considering  rerfigeration for the very warmest months of the year might opt for that if your collection grows .

    I use old jars , kilners , clip lock kitchenware and old Sam Gawith tins for  storage . They seems to handle the woodburner in winter and the hotbox of summer fine . 

    Natch I live in Wales and it rarely gets too tropical :D Do you have access to mains ?  Are you settled or travelling about ? I don't think I d hold too much weight if I was on the road for part of the year . 

    If anything the relative high humidity of alternative living seems to be good for the snuff . I ve found forgotten snuff tins in cupboards many years old and they were still good .

    I don't bother trying to store snus  though .... and I haven't drunk fresh milk for decades . :D  Even with a fridge that stuff doesnt last 5 minutes in a van :D 
  •  I live in California where sometimes it feels like Winter at night and sweaty Summer in the morning.  My little ice chest seems to be working pretty well so far though.  

    I'm settled until Summer hits, then i'll be camping up in the mountains all season.  Not too worried about snuff drying out up there. It's usually pretty cool in the higher elevations.

     You give me hope.  If you've had no trouble keeping snuff fresh in your caravan i shouldn't have any trouble either.  I like the idea of keeping it in an unplugged freezer, I might have to find one for that purpose to keep in my van.  I'm a pretty new snuff user but have accumulated quite the collection already. My little six pack ice chest wont be able to hold much more.

      Thank you for answering my question  @Pikey.  Hope you have a lovely day.
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