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How do you handle artisan snuffs?

I ordered 4 Sir Walter Scotts 15 gram tins. Was wondering how to handle. Can I open all of them and place in fridge when I'm done pinching from them? Or should I open 1 or 2 and use as needed an place in fridge? How long can they be out of the fridge for? Most time I carry the snuff I'm using in my pocket. How do I know if they went bad? Just mould? I feel like I need to use up an open tin as quick as I can but not sure if I'm just over worried. Anything else I should know about artisan snuff? Thanks.


  • It might depend on your consumption speed. How much snuff do you use in a week?
  • 10+ pages in "Artisan Snuff" if you use the search bar on this subject.
  • @volunge I'm sorta new to snuff and I pinch into like 6 different tins a day, im not sure how much I use. I do it about ever 15-30 mins and do about 6 pinches a sitting. If that's any help.

    @nicmizer can't find this search bar on my phone. Kind of made post to communicate my questions to those who want to chat back and give a fresh view on their opinions. Though I would use search bar for few things if I knew where to find it. Thanks.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Open all of them, find your favourites and keep them by your side for frequent use. You can place the rest in the fridge, though personally I wouldn't bother doing that. After all, 15 g tin contains just a few days worth, it's not a bulk. Even a beginner can finish 15 grams of delicious snuff in a week or two, rotating with other snuff. I you love it, it will grow on you. Enjoy your snuff while it's fresh! 

    You can use general google search, adding 'snuffhouse'. For instance, entering 'artisan snuff storage snuffhouse' will result in eight great threads covering the subject of your interest.

  • On the main page of Snuffhouse scroll down a bit you'll see "Search Snuffhouse" on the left. Bellow that is a Google bar to link you to the archives.

    Use this information and you'll be up to speed (be careful with it or you will be overwhelmed) in no time!

    Happy snuffing.
  • Click full site on bottom of page when on phone.
  • I find SWS keeps fine in the fridge once opened. I take some then put it back there.
  • ConkConk Member
    I personally never carry snuff in my pocket (jeans/trousers) - the tins heat up so much. A short walk from the station to my office and it's as if it's been on top of a radiator. If you live in a hot country I suppose you don't have many pocket options, but being from England - you get the point. 

    I keep artisan snuff in the fridge, pinch as and when, and if I want to take some out of the house, decant some into a smaller tin. Sounds like you're a frequent user, so I doubt you have much to worry about. I'm yet to have any issues with mould, drying out, or the like, and once open, a 15g tub/tin lasts weeks in the fridge.
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