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How do you decant properly?

I have a few questions about decanting. I got a 200 gram tin of 6 Photo Super Medicated No 666 and I'm sure the tin it is in won't store it properly within the time its going to take to finish. I'm under the impression I can decant in mason jars but I thought those aren't air tight? What do you decant with? How long does it normally take for snuff to dry out in their original container? I'm sure when you decant you want to use the smallest container possible. Where you buy your containers? Is there any added benefits to snuff that's been decanted? Thanks.


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  • bobbob Member
    mason jars work great. That's what I use. And the snuffs are still fresh. The trick is to only take out what you're going to use in a day or two and otherwise leave the jar closed.
  • @Bob k thanks I'm order some mason jars when I get a chance. What size you use? Like half pints be best I'm guessing? Thanks

    @nicmizer hmm I don't have a search bar, I use a phone for internet. Is their a trick I'm missing?
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    I don't know (but do appreciate you making the topic) anything about decanting snuff, but if the Mason jar has a proper lid on it's absolutely is air tight
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Many users will recommend a three tier decanting system. You only want as much in your snuffbox as you will use within a day or two, but then, you do not want to open up your bulk storage every day or two. Therefore you should use an intermediate storage stage, intermediate in size between your bulk storage and your snuffbox, and fill your snuffbox from there. That way you open your bulk container only every month or so. Another solution is to use only intermediate size containers and distribute your bulk snuff into those containers, pulling them out of a cool, dark drawer one at a time. This is my technique and it works well. Any airtight container will work for storage, although glass jars are best since they are cheap and inert. Mason jars are perfect.
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