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hedges l260 review (text only)

type: medicated (menthol camphor eucalyptus)
tin note: menthol and base tobacco
scent: 4/5
persistence: 2 minutes 4/5
base tobacco: detected in tin note and after multiple pinches 4/5
nicotine: 5/10
overall 4/5
notes and thoughts

1.after menthol fades base tobacco comes through sweet and haylike which leads me to believe this is a virginia heavy blend
2.after menthol fades your left with camphor then eucalyptus
3.with multiple pinches base note becomes more prominent
4.causes some forward drip and back drip which is not unpleasant
5. wilsons of sharrow super menthol is stronger in menthol
6.prefer sharrow dynamite for its choclate notes though i prefer the grind of hedges.
7.good for unblocking your nose


  • i always find the hedges really strong in its cooling effect if i do not use it for a while and then go back

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