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MrSnuff SWS Creme de Figue

Will MrSnuff carry SWS Creme de Figue? Does SWS still make snuff? I read somewhere they don't but I remember @Amanda saying in a thread that MrSnuff got a fresh order of SWS. I hope they still make snuff.


  • SWS is still in production and Mr.Snuff still stocks it, the problem is that is sells out fast so you have to jump on it as soon as its back in stock.
  • Okay phew... Glad to hear. There is a lot of snuff that I'm looking forward to from SWS. I will just be sure to be on my game an grab what I can. Hopefully MrSnuff re-stocks some Creme de Figue sometime soon, I'm interested in making another SWS order from them when the time is right.
  • @Stoke_About_Toque Hi there, Thanks for your inquiry.

    Mr. Snuff definitely intends to carry SWS Creme de Figue in the next month or so. We will get to know if they still make this snuff from the manufacturer directly when we place our order with them soon. We do not have any concrete update if they have stopped making SWS Creme de Figue as of now.

    What I said in a thread was definitely SWS but was a different product and not SWS Creme de Figue.

    I would advise you to please keep a very close eye on our website to see when we are re-stocking the same. This is where you can check its status:

    I hope this makes sense and fingers crossed, hoping that they are still making it.

    P.S - @n9inchnails - Thanks for the explanation and understanding.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • edited April 2018 PM
    Thanks @Amanda! SWS did reach out to me and said they still making their quality snuff. So that's great news! I will keep an eye on MrSnuff and be sure to pick up my favorite snuffs when I can.
  • @Stoke_About_Toque

    Thanks for your reply. I will be looking forward to your new order with Mr. Snuff soon.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
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