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depressed cause of snuff

i wish i could smell my snuff like everyone else. it hinders my abilites to review snuffs id give anything to be able to smell snuff normally again. ive tried everything i took a break from snuff nasal spray, anti allergies antibiotics nasal rinses small pinches big pinches i cant get any doctor to refer me to an ent im at my wits end. is this normal with snuff use i cant smell bergamot or lemon plain tobacco is fleeting am i taking too much to quickly? should i take zinc? florals are hit and miss are there just some tobaccos for everyone they cant smell i mean snuffwise?


  • @jeffecrycraft1 every body and its chemistry is a little different and constantly changes slightly where the nutrition comes into play too. do not use nasal sprays those are never a good choice for unclogging you can just boil some water and optional put a little salt in it then splash you nose and breathe in a few times then get out the tissue.

    i personaly find that except some dark fired plain snuffs the tobacco aroma is not very pronounced for me and gets lost in the aromatization sometimes.

    you will not smell bergamot and lemon a lot in english snuffs its only sort of running at the side
    even the wos lemon grove or mccrystals sicilian blend both lemon only smell faintly of it and in the nose its gone in seconds. mind you lemon oils and its components are very volatile which means they vapor off easy into the air and it is hard to keep them in fine ground powder particles.

    try "jock's choice" if you want to see if you can smell flowery orange notes
    and if you can get "ntsu black" its has after airing out the ammonia one of the strongest tobacco aromas that are not enhanced by fire curing
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Interestingly I was remarking to myself earlier today that since starting snuff my sense of smell has gotten better. It depends what I'm using though. The other day I had a bunch of scotch (WGarrett) and in the morning I had no sense of smell. With just SDs I can smell the spring outside.

    When I switched from cigarettes to ecigs it was a delight to smell again. An order of magnitude improvement. Now that I'm using ecigs a lot less it's gotten almost that much better again.

    In the past some of the nasal medical sprays (not related to tobacco) have been found to inhibit smelling senses. Might be worth investigating if you use any of those, such as for allergies.

    Wishing a speedy recovery of your nose sir
  • thank you for your kind replys. i was put on nasonex cause my nose was constantly blocked/ ill stop taking it for a few days and see if that changes things

  • what do you mean sds?

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Silver Dollar snuff. Toques sold in the US market in tap boxes, lightly mentholated

    Edit: I'm not sure if this has been validated in any scientific studies but there are countless anecdotes online of people losing sense of smell from using nasonex
  • i found their coffee very good. it just seems like when i first started i had to let queens extra strong air out cause it was so over powering it made me sick then i over did it with wilsons kendal brown and havent been able to smell a few florals bergamot or lemon since naturals last a few seconds but disappear quickly i just wish i knew whether this was a problem with my nose or if its normal as a snuffer becomes more experienced
  • This reminds me of vapers tongue. Where you can't taste an e liquid cuz something like getting to use to a flavor you just start not being able to taste it. Now I know snuff is way different then vaping but your nose plays a roll in taste. Maybe some of the tricks to fixing vapers tongue might help in your situation, just a shot in the dark.

    Here's a few suggestions that seem like it could help. Try Inhaling the smell of fresh coffee beans, drinking more water, change the flavor, use a stronger flavor, don't stay with the same flavor profile to long. These other suggestions don't seem like it will help for snuff but they are use a mouth wash, suck a lemon wedge, and smoking and medications can effect flavor.

    Well I don't know if these can help but I thought I should let ya know anyways, instead of not saying anything. Best of luck to ya.
  • bobbob Member
    the nose experiences scent fatigue. It's why when you go to certain beaches it smells of fish but in a few hours that disappears. It's a survival thing so you can notice other scents. Switch out a different scent. I also find with plain snuffs this kind of works to the advantage of allowing you to focus on different scent aspects. You're probably fine. Just mix it up more.
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