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how to cleanly take a pinch of snuff

edited April 2018 in Snufftaking
works with any grind no snuff on the nose with coarser grinds might have to move your fingers up a bit


  • Good tips. I accidently go Tony Montana style on my snuff and get it all over my face. My hank looks crazy at the end of the day. I'm have to pace myself so I get a little neater. Good video, I love snuff on YouTube, liked and subscribed!
  • thank you
  • I'm noticing doing the pinch a little more away from my nose like u suggest, that I'm getting more comfortable sniffs and the flavor is a little more pronounced. Can't believe I been doing it so close to my nose for so long and never thought to try backing it up a little. Thank you.
  • your welcome :)
  • I just started trying this today, really helps especially with the finer snuffs, ultimately I prefer back of the hand so I can take big doses but this has certainly helped, don't know why I never realized it myself! thanks
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @baconpete In my experience fine snuff back of hand tends to fall back out a lot. Do you have that problem?

    I guess probably closely related, do you all trim your nose hairs? It's been a good many years for me (sometimes they let themselves hang out a bit - oops). Not sure if I should or shouldn't with snuff
  • @ar47 Yeah same here I try to take few shallow snuffs as possible but still hit n miss some fine snuffs work others don't.

    I've never have trimmed my nose hairs but I've wonder the very same thing, I think they might help the snuff stick to your nose if anything
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