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Regular mail trounces tracked

RoderickRoderick Member
edited April 2018 in General
We have just conducted an amusing test. We sent tracked and regular mail to the US. Both were shipped on the 31st and both were sent to the same address. The regular mail arrived on the 11th and the tracked arrived today, the 19th. I suspected as much but, thanks to a curious American customer we would still be contemplating offering tracked in future. We are now going to save our customers a fortune and tell them not to waste their money on tracked mail. Thought of you guys first and wanted you to know.


  • @Roderick I do a lot of shipping in the U.S. and have noticed something very similar with U.S. domestic mail. The queue for tracked pieces must be backing up due to processing inefficiencies. My first Toque order made it to Chicago 4 in business days. Why pay more to mess with that?
  • Never experienced any problem with regular mail, both sending and receiving. Not a single package lost ever.
    Smooth regular posting within the EU and to some more distant locations in the Near East, South Asia and Siberia.

    I got a tracked parcel only once at the choice of the sender. I admit it was fun to follow the movement of the mail and I got to know post work much better. Tracked service can be addictive!
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