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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

6 Photo mystery lineup

ar47ar47 Member
Can anyone help me ID these? The rest of the labels are gross cancer pics. Came as part of an assorted 15 pack from MrSnuff




  • From left to right - Special, Kailash, Super Kailash and Anarkali
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Thank you @newbiesnuffer ! How did you ID them?
  • He is Indian, he can read the labels.
  • Exactly! :)
  • bobbob Member
    I just was going to go to their webpage and match the color schemes with the right snuffs. That's how I did before
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Thanks again guys/gals

    Wanted to share this pic of the seal on my Cheeta :)

  • My White Elephant looked just the same - I found a goood pinch between the lid and the seal.
  • Dear members, 

    Taking note of all your complaints and suggestions.We shall endeavour to rectify the same in the next supply to mrsnuff.

    @newbiesnuffer Thanks for your help. 

    We are now  pasting different labels without cancer pictures for tins meant for export.
  • True. I got 8 g tin of MG Madras and 200 g tin of Motia without these disturbing images recently.
    Thanks @sixphoto!
  • In my latest MrSnuff order the 8g MG Madras came Export Only and clean, but my Cheeta Chhap Gul looks to be local market labeled and had a big horror picture on it
  • @ar47 My tin was from the same batch. Mrsnuff is running low on Cheeta Gul, let's hope it will be restocked. Curious about JNF gul, too.
  • Hi Everyone, 

    As i have informed on another thread all tins of assorted snuff box will be in English henceforth.

    Unfortunately Cheeta chhap Gul is packed in a pre printed tin which at the moment is available only with the warning picture.

    Hopefully if we will get printed a new special batch for export if it gets popular.
  • The way I, as an American, identify those snuffs is as such: Special has a red background on the tin and light blue on the photos, Kailash has gold and light green, Super Kailash has lighter yellow and darker green, Anarkali has flowers surrounding the photos.
  • @sixphoto @MrSnuff Cheeta Chhap Gul sold out. Just logged in to order some and found none. And I swear I saw 10 tins on stock yesterday!

    Please restock it ASAP, this stuff really started to move. I guess folks were afraid of this unknown type of "dentifrice-snuff" (well, at least I was), that's why it was slow and quiet for quite a long time, then some adventurous souls tried it, wrote some reviews and this gul thing started rolling!

  • Yes I noted that , 100 tins of gul are listed on the next order of Mr snuff
  • It's neat though with only minimal Latin alphabet on it :)
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