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Get a free 15g tin with every purchase of Sir Walter Scott 50g tin.

I LOVE Red Bull. What Do I Try Next?

FeernotFeernot Member
edited April 2018 in General
I love this stuff. What should I try next that matches the same moisture, ease, and intensity. I


  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Hey @Feernot looks like you got hit by Safari browser + punctuation post truncation issue

    I haven't tried Red Bull but there are several members here that are very knowledgeable about the German snuffs. I have a few (Poschl's Alpina(in my nose now), Gawith Apricot, Glesherprise Gold and Bernards' Postillion) and those Poschls (same makers as red bull) are all delightful. It looks like Red Bull is heavy on the medicated, the Gawith Apricot is on the lighter scale so perhaps try those others I've mentioned.

    I haven't seen a snuff yet outside Poschl that has the fluffiness - I haven't taken a close look but it's like a long cut dip got attacked with a wire brush (in a good way). My Bernards Postillion is more like Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro in that the grain is similarly course but it's more like pellets than the Poschl's fluffy sawdust.

    Happy snuffin :D

    Edit: the one thing that has me preoccupied with the Poschls is that I think trimming my formidable nose hairs may be necessary. Since it's fluffy I don't pinch it, and some always falls back onto my hand out the nose unlike the English snuffs
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    For a finer grind and lower moisture content: Arnold Andre Kensington. This one kicks harder than Poschls both nicotine and menthol/eucalyptus-wise and is paraffin-free (

    Dark, coarse, moist and smoky menthol with good nicotine: WoS Singleton's Super Cool (

    Strong menthol with anis and other very nice scents: WoS Dr. Rumney's Green (

    Hedges L260 - a must for the menthol fiend, though lower nicotine there.

    Well rounded medicated one: McChrystal's Original and Genuine (

    If you are in UK, I heartily recommend ordering straight from

    Avoid small tins!

    And if you are looking for familiar Red Bull-like grind and moisture, try these Poschls as well: Gletscherprise, Ozona English Type (, Ozona President.
  • @ar47 and @volunge thank you so much for your time and suggestions!
  • FeernotFeernot Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    @volunge can you clarify your statement on avoiding small tins?
  • LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    @Feernot small tins dry out and lose aroma really quickly. Better get the bigger sizes for a proper sense of what the snuff is truly like
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  • Thanks @LadySnuff I thought that is what he meant.
  • Yes, that was exactly what I meant. Sorry, @Feernot, I overlooked that question of yours.
  • A Badass mentholated Snuff made by polish Is Radford Snuff I got a bit of it statched away for when I want to breath icecubes with a touch of leather n high bred horses in a good way.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Some of Toque's Toque USA snuffs are on a German-style base. Toque USA Apricot is mentholated and rather good. You might also enjoy a couple of the Poschl snuffs that come in sachets rather than tap boxes - Jubilaums Prise and Gluck Auf are both mentholated but have other flavourings as well.
    For an alternative take on the Menthol-Bomb you might try the Six Photo Medicated range - No.6, No.66 and No.666. Mr Snuff has them.
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