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Spring Fir pollen.... Snuff to tame?

Conifer never bothered me until I've aged. Always been allergic to something to some degree thought my life tho. Nothing bothers more nowa days but the Fir pollen.
Tried many snuffs over the years and results vary but still snuff has not had any thing to alleviate the issue. N95 mask after a blast of the most driest snuff seems to be the best for the next few weeks tho.


  • To be more clear about comment. Yesterday being the hottest day so far this spring has sent pollen into the air and landing everywhere like snow in winter. I could fill a 5gr. tin of it in 30 seconds. Being out side for most of the day I realized it time to quit. Cleaned up for evening and excoriated about a grams of pollen from my nose!
    Thanks to snuff my allergies have quite tamed their mind of their own down in the last ten years!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Maybe the trees know your appreciation for snuffs and are trying to give something back eh? :-@ free pinch

    That's wild by the way, coming from a climate where conifers are only ornamentals
  • PNW baby! When temps jump from 45-85 in a one week span and claims say almost the most rain fall of the country are here the trees pollen out so fiercely for about two to three weeks it's like a spring blizzard.
  • The next allergic reaction will be when the cotton wood spring into action. Wife will be miserable then till it passes. I seem to far well through this period unless you get one of the flying seeds in your eye!!
    Do think a little snuff helps in these situation to like "condom" the inside of the nose.
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