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Typical wait for Mr. Snuff order?

edited April 2018 in General
I placed an order that was shipped 4/11. I searched Snuffhouse and 7 to 11 days seems to be the norm. What is the longest anyone has had to wait?


  • Got mine in Arizona in 7 days last month.
  • My last order was placed on 27 March, received on 16 April. So, total 21 days within the EU, but I was forced to choose European bank transfer payment which takes up to 7 days to complete. Normally shipping would have taken about two weeks max (with a card payment).

    My fastest was 7 days, when Snuffstore (Mr. Snuff) still accepted my card.
  • @RS422 did you do tracked or regular?
  • @Feernot Regular
  • In Canada it can be anywhere from 7-1000 days
  • ar47ar47 Member
    About 12 days here to a major metro in midwest USA
  • Where you live would help, as bacon pete says for us canucks is kinda a crap shoot
  • Atlanta, GA.

    Thanks everyone. My first order, so I am a bit apprehensive since it is not here. I won a pipe from a seller in Italy which arrived in less time and it was shipped a day before the Mr. Snuff order.
  • @SmokeOnTheWater delivery times fluctuate but they always arrive rarely do they go missing 
  • @BaconPete, that makes me feel better. I have this vision of some customs officer enjoying my order. It wasn't a large order but still... Will not worry until it is 4 weeks.
  • edited May 2018 PM
    My ordee arrived today, 20 days. I will know what to expect next time. I think I have enough Tom Buck to last me a long while. The Fields of Juniper is funky in a good way. Loamy, musky like truffle mushroom earth with a slight Juniper undertone. And should be great with a pipe full of Presbyterian! Crumbs of Comfort is intense Spearmint. Spanish Gem has not been opened.
  • SmokeOnTheWater if you like the Presbyterian and the oriental tobaccos you should try the Golden Horn from Sir Walter Scott.It s superb!!!
  • @tobaccoBob, I will be sure to put that one in my next order. Thanks.
  • @SmokeOnTheWater To what others have said I would just add that custom orders for items not already in stock will take substantially longer than order for stocked items. Many bulk orders, for example 450 gram orders of Fribourg and Treyer snuff, can take a month or more.
  • @willynelson how do you know the difference? Like what is a custom order? If it says it is in stock, does that sometimes means it is not REALLY in stock?
  • bobbob Member
    for me it's between five days and almost a full month. And honestly as crazy as it sounds it seems to depend on how much snuff I have at the time I place the order. If I have extra money and am ordering before things run out it gets here quickly if I've run out of snuff and placed an emergency order it take forever. 
     Same with toque. I  haven't ordered from mister snuff in a few years. I"ve been getting bulk mainly.
  • @Feernot The website will notify you of this at the time of your checkout. It will only allow you to order a custom item as a single item order. As far as I can tell, only certain bulk items must be special ordered from the manufacturer by Mr. Snuff.
  • @willynelson thanks for that clarification my friend.
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    The last time MrSnuff offered free shipping I placed an order for a 450 gram of FT Irish 22 and a 450 of Old Paris with a few other assorted oddities. During checkout I was prompted that bulk orders of that size had to ship separately and without any other items on the same order. So I placed two separate orders of the bulks. Four weeks went by so I emailed inquiring about the status and was informed that all the FT 450 gram bulks are special ordered from the manufacturer to ensure freshness. I recall that it was about 6 to 8 weeks before the two separate packages arrived. Well worth the wait with free shipping!
  • Wise move @tinhuey!
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