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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Ted cash box for toasts? Yes!

edited April 2018 in Snuff Accessories
 I love my box. I have the round German silver one with the eagle on the lid. It felt nice in my hand and pocket. I put a cleaned out tin of chew in it so the snuff won't start tasting metallic. Problem was toast would seep into the tiny crack between the snuff tin and the Ted cash and get all over the place. 

    Today I had a Eureka moment. I bought a rubber band and simply wrapped it around the chew can, making a seal between the walls. My box is now   full of Irish no.22 and, even though it's dusty as all hell the snuff is now staying where it's supposed to be.,I  can now walk around with several weeks supply without any worries. 

 I was getting tired of having to refill my boxes every other day, but now I have a few weeks supply of toast always with me, a pleasant weight in my pocket wherever I go.

   Love this box, and I hope it stays with me for years to come.
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