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firedance question

why is it considered an sp? on mr snuff


  • I have no idea. I am quite fond of it but it does not seem to be an sp to me.
  • I am not sure what qualifies a snuff as an SP if not the fact that it has bergamot, which Firedance definitely lacks.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    SP: salt and potash. Simple as that. Absolutely obsolete designation, as most modern snuffs contain salts. It was used to distinguish that kind of novelty snuff from grated leaf (basic rappee snuff).

    And yes, there were times when snuff contained one single ingredient - tobacco.
  • @volunge Interesting! Do you have a source for that? I had not heard that
  • Sorry, no particular source, just a deduction from general knowledge of snuff history and snuff chemistry.

    Strangely enough, no-one tried to unravel SP mystery from a chemical point of view.
  • Don't know if the SP question can be answered so easily, here is a conversation that had been goin for quite a long time, in the 6th page you can find a discovery made by @PhillipS that seems to solve this mistery
  • bobbob Member
    My feeling on the Sp. thing starts with a fact. The fact is now it means whatever you want it to mean and has no set upon concrete meaning. For some snuff makers an S.P. means it's got bergamot or other similar citrus oil (for some makers that includes lemon or lime scent). But really it doesn't mean much. My theory is the reason no one can find a solid this is what S.P. used to mean, is because it hasn't changed that much. It is quite reasonable to assume S.P. has always meant what the maker of a snuff wants or thinks it means. And considering how many recipes we have for historical snuffs which is something they would try to keep secret, there is a good chance if there was ever a common agreed upon meaning of S.P. someone would have cracked that nut by now.

  • @Wulfensteinsson, a very nice attempt and undoubtedly most profound investigation this. I enjoy rereading that eternal thread and PhilipS's posts from time to time.
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