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Get a free 15g tin with every purchase of Sir Walter Scott 50g tin.

Any interest in vintage, well kept, American scotch blends?

Ive seen a few recent offerings of seemingly perfectly stored and kept old American scotch blends from like the 70s. Is there any reason to consider these? Or does aging bring relatively zero benefit to these dry snuffs? They certainly appeal to the pipe smoker in me, because Im so used to seeking aged tobacco.


  • imho 99.99% of nasal snuff will never see any advantage from aging, and most will experience degradation.  These will in no way be better than new scotches, so if the price is higher than a fresh can, it's just not worth it.  Just my two cents. Others will surely disagree.
  • @Zanaspus I really appreciate you adding your thoughts on the matter. Have you ever tried some old scotch?
  • I have not. If you're curiosity has the best of you, by all means, give it a shot. I can tell you without hesitation that nothing great has happened like it would with a 20 year old VA or VA/PER.
  • P.S. I DO have several 15 year old scotches as I went crazy before the PACT act. They're no different today than they were back then.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    @Zanaspus, so true!

    @Feernot, if there's an opportunity, try it. Just for sport and science. Compare it with a fresh pinch, if that particular one is still produced.

    A bit of OT: I'm just considering binning 4 or 5 years old tin of WoS Extra Crumbs of Comfort. The large one, factory sealed (taped). All the spearmint is still there, but it's bone-dry and doesn't meet my pleasure standards. I will never waste my life rehydrating/refreshing stale stuff again. I could cut it with fresh Crumbs of Comfort if I had some, but I'm out of it and won't reorder any for such purpose (not a fan of spearmint either). And I don't want to give away anything stale. Stale snuff is the worst treat.

    I have recently tried USSR-made snuff from the 70's (discontinued in 80's):

  • I have some very old Americans that are still vary creditable.
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