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When does MrSnuff or Toque restock?

I got bad luck, I want to make a snuff order and MrSnuff doesn't have SWS Field of Junipers or Mull of Oa. I do like Moro Moro but last time I ordered that from MrSnuff it was really dry and scentless. So I want to make sure I'm getting fresh stock. Also Toque doesn't have any economy bags of USA Whiskey & Honey. I don't know what to order. Also I noticed on MrSnuff that Fubar Medic is like never re stocked but I don't care about that I just need my favorite all day snuffs. So how long do these guys normally take to put a product back on the shelves?


  • Many snuffs are out of stock at the moment. Not complaining or wailing, just stating. Missing:

    41 Photo - almost entire line, bestseller White Elephant including.
    Arnold Andre - almost entire line, Kensington including.
    Dholakia - almost entire line, as well as some FUBARs.
    Many Poschls.
    F&T Old Paris, Seville, Patch, WoS Grand Cairo, Irish No. 22, large tins of Dr. Rumneys Brown, Blue,  and Green.

    And no more Rosinskis here.
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