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Fribourg and Treyer Snuff Box

Hi all, I


  • Hi all, Ive recently won an FandT snuff box and wondered if anyone knew anything about them
    Its a small pewter box
    very plain and understated which I like
    So as I say wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it
    how old it might be etc
    Im sure it matches one in a Thames news video on youtube in the hand of a shop owner irrellevant but that vid was from the 80s I think so its atleast as old as that lol
  • BillSykesBillSykes Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Cant seem to post a pic :((
  • Hey @BillSykes, congrats! Sounds like a sweet haul! You can post the YouTube video very easily by simply copying and pasting the link into a post here.

    Thanks, its the one in the shop owners hand
  • I see! I have a very similar box, looks identical actually, which I use to hold NC Aryas Indian madras snuff. Works very well as the pewter is just pliable enough to work the box into a tight seal.
  • Cool any idea how old they are?
    Will post pics hopefully today if it turns up
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited May 2018 PM

    I have looked at quite a few of these on ebay.
    You can also find G.Smith,  Cardinal Snuff boxes made by the same box maker.
    What I like about them is the lid construction.      On the box in the video the lid flange fits inside the box.  That way any loose snuff sticking in the lid doesn't jam in between the lid and base.   Lots of so called snuff boxes are constructed with the lid fitting outside the box flange.  Any loose in the top falls off and  jams when the lid is closed again.  Yours is the better construction.    Have a look at old papier mache snuff boxes and you will see that the lid was always made to fit inside the base.
    These pewter boxes seem to be rising in value these days and some people are asking silly prices for them.  There are bargains to be had though, and I hope you got one.

  • BillSykesBillSykes Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Thanks I hope I did, I paid just over 10 quid
    There is one on us ebay for approx 50 inc postage
    Does the fact its FandT add value do you think?
  • Ten pounds is a definite bargain.   I have seen these with starting prices at around fifty pounds.
    F&T and G.Smith have more of a nostalgia to the likes of us snuffers.  I have seen them sold and stamped with the name of one of the top London stores, maybe Selfridges or Harrods, but that is not as appealing to me as a proper old fashioned snuff and tobacco shop.   So having a snuff related name on it makes it more valuable to the likes of me.

  • image
  • image
  • Its arrived!!! Well chuffed :D
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    That is a beautiful find! It does look kinda big and heavy for pocket use and the hinge clearly isnt snuff proof so there will be a little spillage in the pocket but it makes a perfect table top snuff box.
  • BillSykesBillSykes Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Given it a clean and filled it with JH Wilsons SP no 1 as I dont mind losing a little of that if it all goes wrong but thus far I really like it
    You are correct @n9inchnails the hinges are not quite snuff proof but only a very small dusting gets through
    I might use it with different snuffs and use the same coat then once the coat pocket is full of different snuffs
    sample a unique Dr Johnson style mixture :D
    Now Ill be on the look out for these
    Swmbo will not be impressed lol
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