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Toque - 1 million tins. How to celebrate?

RoderickRoderick Member

We forgot to do this with Silver Dollar but, will do it when it hits 2 million.

Right now we're coming up to 1 million tins of Toque sold worldwide since we launched in 2006. How do you guys think we should celebrate?



  • ZanaspusZanaspus Member
    A free 400g bag of USA Whisky and Honey to all who post in this thread!!!!!!
  • dan11dan11 Member
    Champagne, cocaine & hookers, that's how I'll be celebrating my first million anyhow....
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I second the above posts.

  • SvHSvH Member
    A celebration calls for champagne, lots of it!  And because sending bottles all over the world will be a bit expensive, what about a free tin of Toque Champagne with every order?
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    How about releasing a special edition snuff to commemorate the occasion; "Toque Million, Special Edition"? You could make a short list of possibilities and let people vote on which snuff comes to life. It would have to be something special- perhaps something with St. James perique or a fine spirit (or better yet, both).
  • EpitangoEpitango Member
    Get a tattoo of your best customer's name.
  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    I like sammys idea, something that screams celebration. Butter and lobster perhaps.......
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited May 29 PM
    Congratulations @Roderick this is an awesome achievement.

    How did you count bulk? ;)

    I like @SvH 's and @SammyD13 's suggestions too

    A memorial label would be neat. 1M Snuff Club flavor in a 25G tin. And inside it's course thuc Lao complete with chicken feathers to play a sick joke on everyone :D
  • I agree with SammyD13 something with a dark stoved/fermented virginia with a good amount of St.James Perique cased in a black spicy rum,of coarse grind of course and very moist!

  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    Ohhhhh bobs gotta good idea as well
  • @ar47 memorial label sounds cool
  • bobbob Member
    let me help you design the perfect jasmine snuff. I think I cracked that code. ;)
  • nicmizernicmizer Member
    How's about a pence piece coated in 24K gold. Never did ever here if all past coin in a can were discovered or a true recovery percentage of what we're claimed to be found in a tin. @Roderick
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 30 PM
    Congrats, Roderick!

    I support the idea of a new snuff blend launch. Plain, coarse, moist and with a decent burn.

    SvH suggestion is a really nice, too!
  • volungevolunge Member
    A day or a week of free shipping on that occassion might add some extra joy as well. Plus aforementioned tin of Toque's Champagne.
  • FilekFilek Member
    There is only one thing you have to do to celebrate, Roderick.
  • n.n. Member
    edited May 30 PM
    coins = empty tins? So, we have to send them back (I guess, I've got a few hundred here)?
  • HoffwellHoffwell Member
    5 golden tickets hidden in the tins. To win a tour of the mill and a lifetime's supply of snuff. Postage not included!
  • LloLlo Member
    Make a schmalzler and give it a special name like klostermischung
  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    Another vote for the golden tickets. Also a yummy toque schmalzler would be awesome. Make it higher on the nicotine for me. Love schmalzlers but they never have enough vitamin N
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    The trouble with a golden ticket is only one winner. I'd like to spread it around a bit so everyone gets something. I'm leaning to wards the week it happens giving treble points to everyone.
  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    Solution, 200 golden tickets :)
  • bobbob Member
    I like the idea of a special snuff. Something more high end then usual or rich in a way that's not an all day snuff. 
  • Free special snuff, something really nice. Keep up the great work Roderick.
  • HoffwellHoffwell Member
    Why don't we just all go to the pub.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    I like that idea. A millionaires snuff something really special.
  • The special snuff is my vote. Like an old recipe like SWS did roselien. Pay tribute to the roots of the hobby
  • ConkConk Member
    edited June 4 PM
    Might be a great way to introduce this new line of snuffs we can't wait to try! 
  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    Another great idea by conk, new line of snuff AND super special snuff released together.

    Maybe in a gift set, nice toque snuff box?
  • edited June 4 PM
    I like the ideas about a new snuff blend. Something that is outside the norm toque. Maybe an early release of one snuff from your new line to ease the wait of the full release. I have so much curiosity on how these new snuffs are going to present themselves.

    I also like the idea about treble even just double points. As an additional bonus. The gift set idea is a cool one too. Like a snuff and an accessory, you don't see many of those deals. There's a lot of good ideas on this thread.
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