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 Three main prizes but eveyone wins!

Toque - 1 million tins. How to celebrate?



  • bobbob Member
    whatever you do. I think we'll all be glad to continue to have snuff. So basically just don't pack up shop.
  • @ Roderick  If you throw a party ,do not forget your friend from India !
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    @Llo, @Codyg140 Actually there is one potent ungreased schmalzler on the Toque regular menu already - Ambrosia. To turn this snuff into proper schmalzler, just grease it with any oil of your choice.

    It might be worth reminding that Sternecker used to sell his Echt Fresco schmalzler ungreased, too (Echt Fresco ungefettet).

    For extra aroma you could go for a custom double-flavoured Ambrosia. You can find more info in @willynelson's thread

  • Hi Roderick. Been away a while.

    I see the relocation has finally happened. Congratulations my friend. I hope that wasn't too distressful in the end, and I hope it's filling you with optimism for the future.

    As to celebration, I think a limited edition would be the best way. Ambrosia was an awesome addition. The most relevant I can think of would be along the lines of a Millionaires Slice. Biscuity base (maybe toasted), with a caramel and chocolate topping.
  • Slight tweak... make that a 50/50 base of toasted and standard ground plain (or even better, coarse plain), with the caramel and chocolate topping.
  • fredhfredh Member
    Congratulations Roderick! This is fantastic news!

    I like the idea of a millionaire's snuff.

    Do you have any ambergris laying around, maybe?
  • A super buttery toast with a crunchy crust and lots of crumbs.
  • The suspense is killing me @roderick whats the new snuff?
  • You and me both, check for updates everyday :-/
  • +1 on the just keep the doors open idea, though I would be gaga over a proper VaPer snuff or a remake of a snuff lost in the pages of some dusty tobacconists' tome.
  • A big T on the label with over [ 1 million sold ]. Special Cappuccino / Latte flavor snuff released. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    Sell (us) some stock in the company snuff is gonna take off sirs
  • I think we can celebrate the mill tins by Roderick renting a big ass boat and come pick us up and we party down with Toque Snuff in our noses for a good week.

    Celebrate good times c'mon!
  • We are getting close. I'm keen to use the name "Sneeshyn" which is Manx for snuff. The first flavour/Sort will be 'The Millionaire' and I hope will be something really special.
  • ConkConk Member
    @Roderick - Looking forward to this! I know your product is probably too far down the line, but @50ft_trad has a great idea that could be the start of another cult classic like USA Whiskey and Honey. Strong, rich, toasted, with sweet undertones. 

    I'm sure whatever you do, I've shovel it up my nose. 
  • @Conk I'm with you on the savory and sweet. Do that with prized ingredients and it could be another cult classic.
  • You need a clock counting down until it
  • Its release on your website!
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