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Adding nicotine to non tobacco snus

Hi guys. I'm a huge dip/snus lover but simply can't afford the costs in Canada, so I am limited to buying 1 can of General once in a blue moon. I'm making a recipe for a black tea based snus and was wondering if there is a safe way to add nicotine to it? The only thing I could think of was getting a bottle of no flavor vape liquid with high nic and high vegetable glycerin content, probably a nic salt liquid. But these bottles very clearly warn that it's harmful to get it on your skin. Although I have heard someone on Snuson say they used eliquid. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks 


  • Us poor canucks have it hard when it comes to tobacco.

    The whole adding nic to your own snus is above me.

    I do have a couple suggestions to help though.

    For dip order by the tub not the can. Customs is goofy and charge more duty for 10 cans then a tub with 10 cans of dip in it.

    A couple sites are canadian friendly, taxfreesnus and snusline.

    Also many of the bigger companies are coming out with tobacco free products that have nic in them.
  • Thanks Codyg. I was actually looking at that tobacco free Skruf snus as a way of getting around the taxes.
  • Is liquid nicotine taxed to death by the Canucks?
  • If you think we have it bad just look at Australia, poor ausies get raped on tobacco
  • @nineinchnails     I read somewhere,  Australia had a huge tobacco growing industry at one time.  May have been around the 1920s .     
     Shame they killed it off,  as the revenues raised these days could have been put to loads of good causes.
    Unfortunately its no longer P.C. and all that means.


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