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6 Photo Krishan Sudama Snuff

volungevolunge Member
edited June 2018 in Types of Snuff
A new snuff from Six Photo!
"A Sihor type plain snuff of strong Gujrati tobacco, topped with a dash of menthol. Excellent for sniffing."
It was available at Mr. Snuff for a short period of time some months ago, too.
Launched in the very end of 2017.
Has anyone tried this already?


  • PikeyPikey Member
    No , but I probably will have by tomorrow :D Thanks for the heads up .

    I also managed to get some of the restocked Fire and Ice and Begum Pathani snuff , which I have been lusting over from the UK for a long while :) My only active desire now is the 6 photo MN Madras snuff .
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    So, Krishan Sudama .

    For a start , it came supplied in a 50g box as opposed to the 40g pot pictured . Inside the box was a little ziplock baggie filled with the snuff . 

    For a scented Indian snuff it is quite subtle . You get a real feel of the tobacco , a bit of menthol and a touch of perfume . The tobacco is lighter than I expected .

    I wouldn't say it was easy to snort though , not difficult but challenging enough to have to stop and think about taking it .I would have preferred a coarser mill . I dipped a bit and found the menthol more to the forefront in the mouth . I m not much of a dipper though so I couldn't say much further than flavour . It's too good to clean my teeth with , thats for sure :D .

    I m a  fan of sixphoto so I tend to like their work . I ll see how long this pot takes to finish and get back to you all ;) 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    Thanks for reviewing it, @Pikey!

    Indeed, as stated on 6 Photo own website, this product is "excellent to use as dentifrice and sniffing alike."
    It is defined as tapkir. According to Global Smokeless Tobacco Product Factsheets (Appendix B), "Tapkeer is a form of dry powdered snuff that may be used for teeth cleaning. [..] Mode of Absorption: oral (teeth cleaning, held in mouth), nasal. [..] In India, tapkeer is frequently prepared by individual users at home by roasting and then powdering the tobacco."

    Now I'm quite intrigued by that roasting thing. So, is this snuff smoky/toasty? And is it the same fine grind as LA Natural, or a bit coarser, Medicated No 6.-like?
  • PikeyPikey Member
    Well I m not ready to call it a 'review' just yet :D I  don't feel I truly 'know' a tobacco unless it's by the pound(lb). and over the changing seasons .  

    We should ask Vikas @sixphoto for the proper facts . I thought it was a slightly finer mill than LA Natural ....or it might be the same grind presented a bit drier ? :D At first sniff I thought it was a Natural recipe variant , but according to the Snuffstore blurb , apparently not  .Some similar background scenting though., in my nose anyways 

    I do get a bit of a Toast vibe out of the tobacco.

  • I like all 6 photo snuffs, but I have shit ton of their products, next time I order from MS, I will have to get a tin. I can't understand why anyone would brush their teeth with it. It must be a strictly Indian thing.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 26 PM
    I enjoyed this snuff, it's pretty much Cheeta-like. Think unscented, just
    a wee bit roasted Cheeta. Similar grind, similar nicotine. There's a
    slight toastiness, but it's less pronounced than I expected. Like
    regular Cheeta, this fine dry snuff is fortified with lime and triggers that "old smokers" morning cough.

    I haven't detected any scent in Krishan Sudama - to my nose it's plain
    (unscented) snuff, just as described. Now "the dash of menthol" is an
    exaggeration, menthol is next to nothing here, just a hint of hint at
    the most.

    "Excellent for sniffing", I second that.

    P. S. Just in case you are not aware, good old Cheeta is a tapkir, too. That's what the label says.

  • Thanks for the review!

    Have a tin of this Indian snuff on order and am looking forward to checking it out (along with the 6Photo sampler)
  • JDU44JDU44 Member
    edited May 25 PM
    Thanks for this thread folks; Cheeta is my daily snuff so I've just ordered 100g of the KS. Can't wait to give it a whirl.  
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