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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

FDA taking comments on banning flavors and menthol

I see this being discussed (any my inbox getting flooded) in the context of Cigarettes and e-cigarettes.  But who knows if/when any regulation is written if the language will sweep up our Snuff as well


  • This is going to help the children
  • @ar47      By 20th May 2020 menthol cigarettes will be banned in the UK. 

     More European rules, probably made by a majority of non smoking, political office wallahs, bored at competing with each other to see who can make the biggest chain of paper clips, and wondering what mischief they can think up for the poor, unsuspecting public.

    As long as we can get the basic tobacco snuff,  we can experiment at adding our own flavours/smells.

    I did see on a "roll your own" web site , they actually sell menthol flavoured cigarette papers.  

    Its funny that tobacco has to be penalised so often. 
      In contrast here in the UK, you can fob off the customer with imported knackered old ponies, horses and donkeys as good steak. Put them in pies and nobody knows the difference.
    Sell eggs and mineral waters with mercury and god knows what other chemicals in them. 
    After an analysis done of fresh green salad that I read somewhere, I never touch salads when eating out any more.
    Business seems to get away with it time after time with  "respectable foodstuffs and goods."   and not be punished.

    The law seems to say,   
                 Tobacco is so last year,  but we don't give a F*** if the rest of the respectable big business's  fill you with chemicals and other poisons.

    That's my rant over for today.  I feel much better now.

  • Powder substance to be scrutinized apron inspection for some airline is in the pipeline soon also. This is as of US reports.
  • My comment to them will be "that's a real sh*ty smelling cool idea"....
  • @nicmizer    It's  strange the things people carry in their lugage.  

    What sort of aprons are you talking about?  Masonic, barbecue or French Maid?



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