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taxing snuff online

marcomarco Member
Hello fellow snuffers who live in the the latest supreme court ruling regarding states collecting taxes going to affect us? I vote yes :( 
--eventually at any rate, what think you all?


  • bobbob Member
    maybe. I don't know how much revenue is lost from snuff going untaxed. Though at least in my state smokeless isn't taxed (we grow a lot of the tobacco that's used in chew so....).
  • ar47ar47 Member
    In my state it has already been law for some time to self report, as a consumer, and pay sales tax for online transactions

    Now the rule if I understand it is that If the seller does over 100K or 200 transactions per year in the target state that they must collect sales tax. The responsibility has shifted then from individual (in IL at least) to the seller. Since most snuff online is purchased from UK & EU I'm not sure if they have to participate as they aren't governed by the supreme court.

    But I'm neither a lawyer nor a tax expert
  • IcepickIcepick Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    If your thinking of your Mr.Snu orders or Toque or something, being forced to collect US state sales tax, I would guess the answer is no.
    If international sellers aren't collecting, there's really no way for gov't to collect the tax other than relying on 'use tax' declarations in your income tax return like it always did.

    You have been reporting all your out of state purchases right? Lol
  • Maybe that's why @Aamon has been mia from our community.
    Tobacco tax evasion maybe?? Kanger government bariatric b.s.!!
  • Fresh tub of Stocker's FC Natural from Squamish Indian reservation for $12.25 tax free!!!!
    They will not sell online anything tho. Always stop on my way to the cabin every time for tobacco products!!
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