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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Ordering snuff in the US

Hey all, wondering if there's a good place in the us to order snuff? I ordered about a year ago from a guy who got shutdown and I enjoyed his stuff. It was earthy, natural tasting if that makes sense. I'm looking for stuff like it.


  • In order to keep anyone else from getting shut down, suggestions would best be limited to messaging between memebers
  • welcome to the world of snuff!
    lil brown smoke shack has a small selection. if you want variety i would suggest mr snuff or snuffstore (these two are not in the U.S.). i've never ordered from lil brown or snuffstore but plenty of others on this forum have.

    if you'd like suggestions for some snuffs, this forum is quiet big. a good place to start would be the "whats in your nose" thread. the search bar is good for finding answers to your more basic questions too. you will quickly see that there is a huge selection to choose from so look for some reviews and order whatever sounds good. i say try as many as you can afford! (within reason lol)

    what i always say to people new to snuff is to not throw out the ones that you dont like at first. it stays good for a long time if you store it well (search for threads on that) and you will find your preferences will change over time. i threw out so many snuffs that i love now after ordering it again.  thats just my 2 cents though
  • Never had any issues ordering from Mr Snuff and Ive ordered entirely too mu... err.. I mean just enough.
  • ^ I second that last comment!
  • @peacock is spot on with his comment on not throwing snuff away.  Some of my now favourite snuffs smelt grotty first couple of times.

  • I've never had any issues with mr snuff other than shopping times. Just looking for something closer to home
  • edited July 2018 PM
     The only thing that is actually in the states is for the most part  American Scotches & such, with the exception of Silver Dollar & some Wilsons & there is not many places to find the later two. If you like American snuffs there is plenty of it around to be had though. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • The American tobacconist seems to be a relic of the past replaced by cigar boutiques. When I was a kid, there was a tobacconist with snuff and twists and all kinds of stuff- and that was in a suburb of Kansas City! I asked a local shop owner why he diid not carry snuff and he said it would go stale on the shelf. Basic economics...
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