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Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!Toque Snuffs

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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Snuff and Food - is it possible?

We were talking about this at dinner and wondered can you pair snuff with food. I tried taking a pinch of Lime Toast with Salmon and It felt a bit strange. At first I couldn't taste the salmon in my mouth then the salmon overpowered the lime in my nose. I then tried Strawberry snuff with strawberrys and cream and the flavour of both was really intense. 

What if any combinations have you tried?  


  • bobbob Member
    as crazy as it sounds some Macouba does interesting things to the taste of water and other neutral spirits like vodka or what I consider "gin" (sure it's good but is it really gin if it doesn't taste like a forest?). Natural toast pairs great with pan seared pork chops if you use garlic and a touch of paprika to spice the pork. Toque champagne also does good with sparkling water actually, the kind with a light flavor as in more a hint of flavor. Generally though I've experienced more of the opposite of won't eat that again after taking a pinch of this or that. 
  • bobbob Member
    also noticed that snuff seems to effect the tastes of food more when you've stuck on one snuff all day and the scent has faded into more of a back ground thing. Almost as if the brain is too aware of the scent it can do a greater job compensating and editing it out of the flavor. Not sure why that is but it could just be me.
  • I find most toasts to be synergistic with grilled or smoked meats. Same thing with coffee. The sensual effect of snuff and food/drink is elevated. I look forward to hearing about more experiences like these from other snuff users. Pairing may be in vogue, but the dynamic of getting multiple senses involved is timeless. Live life to the fullest!
  • I have heard about that Bob Gregory (Samuel Gawith master-blender) reguraly sprinkled SG Irish D over his breakfast (poached eggs). Heard this from firsthand witness, when Bob Gregory was special guest at Slow Smoking Championship organized by my pipe club few years ago. Jack
  • I usually lean towards Smokey American scotch snuffs. They pair excellent with smoked ribs...or anything off the smoker really .
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