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Too much snuff = flavor loss?

Take a bite of your lunch, and hold your nose while you chew. You loose almost all flavor that way right?

I'm noticing the same thing with snuff. If I take too big of a pinch it's like I loose the flavor untill I blow my nose then it comes rushing back.

For this reason I find that big pinches just don't work well with me at all. I like the big nic rush, but it's at the cost of flavor.

Just thinking out loud here. An easy remedy is small pinches more often. Just wondering if it's just me?


  • @StillLearning I believe you are on to something. Self-control can be key to consistently enjoying snuff scent. Lacking any myself, I flush with saline to recoup the sense of smell.
  • I laugh when I see these people in videos doing massive amounts of snuff. I figured out long ago that best flavor happens with an amount that's closer to 1/20th of a gram if that.
  • I hear you - I love nicotine plus many scented snuffs - but I noticed the more I use them, the lesser they are noticed. Hence, now I space between plain tobacco and scented snuffs. 
  • i notice the loss of scent especially with large pinches of dark and coarse snuffs 
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