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Snuffhouse Snuff Boxes

Five or six years ago I managed to acquire a few Snuffhouse branded snuff boxes from, I think, Mr Snuff. I loved them, they were the perfect size, but when I quit they sadly got consigned to the dustbin along with the rest of my collection of snuffs.

Fast forward to today and I've decided to start again, but it looks like my favourite boxes are nowhere to be found. If any of you guys have one, could you measure it for me please? I want to find something of a similar size if possible.

Alternatively, if anyone has any they wanted to sell me......!


  • What did they look like?
  • They were similar to this:

    But they were better. Where this is one is quite wide and rectangular the Snuffhouse ones were square and also this one has a domed/curved lid which just adds unnecessary air to the container. The Snuffhouse one had a flat lid.

    When I said they were Snuffhouse branded, I don't think they actually had a Snuffhouse logo or anything. But they were sold as Snuffhouse snuff boxes. I think they'd been designed with input from people here
  • The 'Roccoco' box on Mr.Snu is basically an improvement of the old snuffhouse boxes. It appears to have the same design just more robust slider, and more shallow profile.

    The dome top one I do not recommend.I only tried one, but it was way loose and overpriced IMO.

    I have a few of the old snuffhouse boxes with sliders glued if that interests you they're yours for shipping cost.

  • @Icepick I would definitely be interested, thank you. I didn't use the sliders so having them glued up is not a problem. I'm in the UK, where are you based?

    I've got the Roccoco boxes now, but I don't like them as much as the Snuffhouse ones
  • @Bizzle I'm USA not sure if it's gonna be prohibitively expensive or not...
  • @Icepick Yes, you're probably right. I'd be interested in what the cost would be, but I'd understand if it was too much hassle for you to find out.

    I really appreciate the offer though, thanks
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2018 PM
    Actually the snuffhouse boxes are an improvement on the roccoco boxes. When Mr.Snuff asked us how to make the snuff boxes the general consensus was like the roccoco boxes but deeper and more square in shape. The roccoco boxes are too shallow, pinches cause snuff to spill out and snuff dries out faster in them because of the large surface area.
  • @n9inchnails That's exactly how I feel about them. You guys did a great job advising him, I thought they were perfect

    @MrSnuff Is there any chance these might get made again? Pretty please!!!
  • bobbob Member
    I'd like one with out the slider. Mainly cause the slider broke and I had to super glue it on.

  • @mrsnuff I too would love to see some more selection on snuff boxes as much as I am favourable to bullets
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