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D & S

Greetings snuff takers.  I presume most have tried what I'm about to lay out but I haven't seen any significant discussion of my preferred snuffing method. I call it Dab & Swipe and it essentially treats all snuffs as schmaltzers. I wet the tip of a finger, dab it on my choice of snuff, then swipe it into a nostril.  Repeat for the other nostril.  I then pinch my nostrils together to moisten the snuff, breath in, then breathe out through my nose.  It's not an elegant method but it will tame the driest fluffiest toast out there with virtually no loose snuff getting into one's throat.  The nic hit is just as intense as the usual methods and the nostril pinch moistens the snuff so that it will not migrate thus the aromas can be enjoyed without problems.

I think this would be an excellent method for newbies because it is so easy and trouble free.  I struggled for years with the snuffing learning curve before stumbling onto this method.  It simply must be a commonly used method that I have just not seen discussed. The only caveat might be that it would perhaps not be wise to share a snuff so used with others, but in most of our cases I suspect that is not much of an issue.


  • Darwin,
    That is the perfect method for beginners and very sound advice. I too follow a very similar method when advising first snuffers. 

    Regarding sharing; snuff is one of the best methods we have of killing germs. I treat bee stings, nettle stings and open wounds with snuff. Lots of gardeners swear by it as an insecticide and also, it's not bad in your nose.
  • Thanks Roderick.  I will relay the info about bee stings to a pipe-smoking apiarist friend who would not be leery of using snuff on stings.  Not so much for himself but family and grandchildren for sure.
  • I just got a new can of Tube Rose in the mail, been out of it for years.  I forgot what lovely stuff it is. Lightly floral, a strange but satisfying rising bread aroma, and a runaway freight train nic hit that lasts and lasts.  It's also as dry and dusty as Death Valley but with my D & S technique it's easy to avoid throat burn, coughing,  sneezing, or any other typical scotch snuffing dramatics.  Just a lovely scent and a glorious head rush.
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