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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

What little things annoy you about snuff?

We all love snuff, that's a given, but what seemingly trifling inconveniences really get up your nose? (pun so intended it hurts)

1) Tins. Why can't all manufacturers either use the Toque screwtops or the SG vacuum tins? Don't Wilson's manufacture SG snuff now? How come they still use the rubbish push on tins for their own snuffs?

2) Tap boxes. They're ok for German schmalzers but for English style snuffs? Forget it. It's completely illogical too, a 10g tapbox is likely bought by either people who are just starting with snuff or maybe for someone more experienced who is trying a new scent and doesn't want to spend too much on something they might not like. So why would you present them with the WORST POSSIBLE example of your product?

3) Handkerchiefs. (Skip this if you're squeamish). Snuff suppliers and manufacturers have a wide array of handkerchiefs on offer and all of them, ALL OF THEM, have some sort of WHITE pattern on them. They're intended to have a disgusting dark brown soup of horrendousness (it's a perfectly cromluent word) blown into them, why would I want any of the cloth to be white? Why aren't there any plain dark brown, blue or black handkerchiefs available?

4) Stubble. Step one, take some snuff. Step two, spend three minutes rubbing your top lip because you're paranoid you have brown dust in your one day's stubble growth. I'm not shaving every single day, that's madness

I feel better now :))

Your go!


  • The dryness in my nose when I wake up sometimes. I usually like to do a few big snuffs right before bed and I often wake up feeling clogged. Not that big of a deal because my remedy is to to a big box car in each nostril, of j and h no. 99, followed by a hot steamy shower and that usually seems to get me clean and opened right back up.
  • Also I agree about the push tins, seems to always waste a little product with a new tin, until you use enough to bring the tobacco level down quite substantially.
  • @Chapman Something that @ar47 mentioned in another thread (and I do this too) is to drop the tin on a hard surface from about an inch or two a couple of times before opening it. This levels out the snuff and helps stop the wastage. Tapping the sides works as well
  • @Bizzle - you've nailed it on the stubble issue, however I don't usually have a problem with the top lip after snuffing. It's when I blow my nose into a handkerchief and someone has to politely point out I have brown mess on my chin.

    Most people are not familiar with snuff, so trying to explain you have snot and tobacco on your chin often raises more eyebrows than pretending you've just got in a fight with a lump of turd.
  • The clumps in the Bernard box. They are quite worth getting to, at least
  • Availability. Mr snuff is great, but it would be cool to have more snuff locally. And I'm one of the lucky USA members that can buy some snuff locally. Just not very much.
  • @Conk that's hilarious :D

    The absurdly tiny opening on the Ozona tap boxes grind my gears a bit. It's way too much work to get a real pinch on my palm to pick. I'd probably tear through those little guys but until the hole is bigger it's not possible to finish the first set I got.
  • it's effects on the eyes when exposed to sudden and unexpected wind. That's a snuff gripe for me. That my cat seems to like trying to lick rose scented snuff sometimes after I have sniffed them, cat tongue in the nose is not good.

  • How long it takes to be completely satisfied with a batch.  :)

  • Wilson's manufacture SG snuff now? Really? Is this correct?
  • @Hoffwell I may very well be wrong. I think I've read that they do and also Wilson's sell it through their website. Seems odd that they would sell a brand they didn't own. You wouldn't expect Coca Cola to sell Pepsi!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @Bizzle Well, Wilsons & Co sell Poschl and we can buy WoS F&T from Toque now..
  • @Volunge That's a good point.
  • how hard it is to order most snuffs in bulk. Seriously once you try Bulk and see how much better it is, the tins just seem nearly pointless otherwise then as a one time trial type thing. There are snuffs I don't get because unless it's in bulk what's the point.
  • It annoys me that it is not that simple to store snuff for long durations. I am also annoyed that very few people know about snuff. More knowledge on this would get rid of the irritating questions and probes while taking snuff in public. 
  • WoS does not produce SG snuffs you must be confusing them with GH. SG and GH snuff and pipe tobacco is now made at the same factory.
  • Annoying things:

    1) Not enough people use it. I don't care what anyone else does, but explaining snuff to interested parties gets tiring after a while, especially if its the same banal questions.

    2) The EU leading to so many sorts being discontinued. Not just the annoyance of me losing my favourites, but it leading me to buy an obscene amount of reduced price snuff. I know some people love hoarding and preparing for doomsday scenarios, but opening the cupboard and seeing over 15 litres of snuff makes me cringe at my own stupidity. I only use a couple of grams a day, and not every day either. Pillock!

    3) My nose. Seriously. Can't take fine snuffs, intolerant of menthol, artisan snuffs often give me a prohibitively acrid backdrip, and I have to take a few months off a year due to seasonal issues. Sigh.

    Notice how my annoyances are all people related. Snuff itself isn't particularly annoying at all.

    I don't have issues with stubble, as I have a large tash. Doesn't give me any issues with a pinch, but snuffing off the back of the hand is a futile endeavour. This makes tap boxes of any description useless for me. Tins don't irritate me though, as their job is purely to get the stuff to me till I can transfer it to a jar or snuffbox. The only tins I pocket carry are Toque. Hankys are no issue either. I have plenty of coloured ones, but failing that I'd buy a bucket load of white ones and a pack of Dylon to colour them with all in one wash. Job done.
  • @50ft_trad yes the shortages are of great annoyance even as someone who only started snuff early this year. Either having gotten a sample of something wonderful that's no longer on the market, or reading about for months here in the archives, and then checking all sites and Ebay ritually is ... a bit silly. @SammyD13 gifted me a tap box of Stok Charlotte once. Both my wife and I thought it was the best thing ever. I'd pay $1/gram for a 5 year old box but can't find anyone to take my money. And of course the disparity in stock between sites (not to mention some of these come from same warehouse). Placed a big MrSnuff order the other day and ran into 2 examples: I really want a 25g SG Celtic Talisman, but MS was out of that I'd have to make a separate order from And I was looking forward to buying Bohica but the only size was 250g and I'd like to try before buying $60 worth.

    But I'm optimistic things are turning around and getting better. Look at the stock of Germans on MrSnuff for example!
  • @ar47 I am also optimistic about Mr. Snuff getting a handle on things. The state of things has been inconvenient for snuffers, but it has to be hurting snuff makers as well. Having product with demand but no distribution must drive them mad as well as hurt their business. If Mr. Snuff can master the logistics, other purveyors of snuff will want to follow their lead.
  • @ar47 @SammyD13

    Well said!

    It has been a turbulent time for producers and retailers alike, but they are being dynamic and taking steps to protect and continue to develop their businesses. Also, the comments of ritually checking sites amused me, as I can vividly remember doing just that.

    That is one of the things that I'm a little embarrassed about with the shopping frenzy that I went into. I was spending all my energy focussing on what was going, instead of looking around at just how much was staying. Here in the UK, the Gawiths, Toque, Wilsons, and McChrystals have all retained a number of great products. Had I come to snuff now rather than a few years ago, or should I say that if the currently available snuffs were all that was available when I first started snuffing, I would no doubt have enjoyed my snuff journey just as much. I'm embarrassed at my clinging to the old at the expense of the new.

    The industry had a massive and terrifying jolt, and not only did companies survive, but some actively invested too. As time progresses, what is will draw more focus than what was, and inturn will lead to what could be. In truth, the manufacturers and retailers probably handled it better than I did, and I have the least to lose. The laudible resilience and determination of those in the industry will keep noses and temperaments happy for many years ahead, even if miserable buggers like me do mourn the loss of a few old favourites from time to time.
  • bolbam420bolbam420 Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Only the dry fine grinds are what annoy me. I have tried everything and they invariably lead to coughing and dry cough a day later. Even gentle sniffing doesnt work. But then again, I am kind of allergic to dust, I mean I just have to cover my nose and mouth at dusty places. The only suggestion I am yet to try is to increase the moisture of such dry snuffs. That and mixing such snuffs with others which are more easier to sniff. Will update when my latest order arrives, but I have sort of given up on toasts.
  • @bolban420 I implore you not to give up. You'll get better at it. There are lots of threads here to help. Dry snuffs are some of the best out there. Don't cheat yourself without giving them old college try.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 I think that tiny last bit of moisture in dry snuffs is important. But when you rehydrate I highly suggest doing it indirectly (in a container shared with a bit of moistened perlite for example) rather than dripping or spraying water onto the snuff directly. In my experience the direct hydration causes snuff pebbles. But the difference between a snuff with 0.0% and 0.1% moisture has a big impact on coughing (and aroma!) for me.

    If I'm having a hard time pinching and it's a very fine snuff I start by just dipping my (dry) finger pad in the snuff and sniffing what sticks to it, repeating. I used to really struggle with Cheeta and scotches (still struggle with those on aroma) but too after going on a WoS kick for a month my diaphragm has gotten a lot more muscle tone (not a doctor) and these last few days I'm finding even 41P WE a fine pinch without the cough. So maybe work your way there with snuffs that both aren't bone-dry and are fine vs extra fine grind/sieve?
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