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Mr. Snuff tap boxes??

I was just curious as it seems that I can't find any for sale after a long search, does anyone know if Mr. Snuff will be restocking the plastic tap boxes on their site? I'd love to have a few rather than carrying full tins all over the place and any other snuff box I find is generally more expensive (although many are aesthetically pleasing) and I like the idea of a tapbox feature. Any reply is greatly appreciated, friends!


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Why buy empty plastic tap box? All Bernard, Arnold Andre (aka Swedish Match, currently available only in Germany), Samuel Gawith, Silver Dollar snuff tap boxes (and some of Poschl range) are reusable. You can easily peel off the stickers and wipe off the remaining glue with alcohol. Just wash and clean the inner side and fill it with the snuff of your choice.

  • I have a few of the MrSnuff tap boxes, there are pros and cons. Long story short I haven't used them in months and instead refill, as @volunge mentioned, other tappers. My favorite are the Packard's Club and Gawith Hoggarth. Alpina and Radford cracked after a couple refills
  • Thank you @volunge and @ar47 for the suggestion. This seems like a good idea and I actually have several Poschl Red Bull and Ozona President tappers now that'll be empty and ready for refill soon and I'll order up a couple of the Packard's Club at your recommendation. Appreciate the feedback guys!
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