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Where to order Swedish Snus (other than Mrsnuff)

I just ordered a few tins from Mrsnuff, but I'm also looking to try a tin of Grov white portions, and Mrsnuff doesn't stock that particular brand.  Every website I've looked at charges almost $30 for shipping, and doesn't ship to the state that I live in.  Any suggestions?


  • as far as I can tell that's about what you're dealing with as all of the snus sellers use Ups as a courier and that is just what they charge. Before pact you could either pay much less and wait about a week to get your stuff or pay for what is the only option now. Yeah it kind of sucks but if you order enough snus the shipping doesn't go up much.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Snus is gettin hard to find online, I'm lucky to live near the swedish border where I can get just about all swedish snuses. If you want to, we could always do a trade. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line along with the snus-types you wanna try.

  • I gave up on snus, i still love it but it's not cheap anymore.

    If you are going to snus, snuscentral is kinda the king as of recent.

    But know that prices are only going up and the 10+5 sales are replaced with 10+2 sales.

    And swedish match owns fucking everything these days......and they suck
  • Thanks for the feedback!  Turns out that my local tobacconist stocks General (Swedish Match, but at least it's not the American garbage), so I was able to pick up a few tins of original portion yesterday.  Still waiting for the Siberia from Mrsnuff with eagerness.
  • i use snuscentral too but 30 bucks is normal. since shipping is so expensive you have to order a lot to make it worth it (i get around 30 cans at a time). in case you didn't already know, you can vacuum seal them and store them in your freezer and they will last for years without any change in flavor 
  • @peacock that's really the only issue is the scale price because of shipping. If you order thirty it's an amazing deal per tin. Or one tin and it's like 30 some bucks for a can of snus.
  • ^^  yeah when i order, i try to order enough to put it at around 5-6 dollars U.S. per can. also, once you cough up the initial 30 bucks, the shipping cost doesn't seem to get much more expensive after that.

    30 cans is a lot of snus though! that might be too much for someone just starting out. i don't use them very often so i only have to put in an order once or twice a year. on the plus side, if you're like me, you'll want to try as many flavors as you can and you can try a whole bunch of them in your first order
  • Here in Australia,we get slugged $AU1100 per kilogram,if customs get hold of your package and they do,more often than not. Think yourselves lucky!
  • Try to get into or start a group buy for snus if you're looking to cut the shipping. I'm currently in a split which is comprised of 6 people, 50 cans, and the Sweden to USA leg of the shipping is currently around $7.50 per person, then another 7.25 to get the snus from the person orchestrating it to the split participants. Maybe you can get some friends that also would like to try snuses without paying out the nose for shipping together and get it done.
  • @spinyeel did you ever try tax free snus or snus line?

    Those were my goto for getting past canadian customs
  • Fortunately, after a few weeks, I've fallen in love with Siberia--which means I'll keep ordering from Dave as long as he stocks it.  It's light, fluffy, sits comfortably in the lip, and has almost no back-drip.  As long as I've got some food in my stomach, the 45 mg of nicotine is not too intense.  It certainly satisfies the urge.
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