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Advice on using moist snuffs

As I mentioned in another thread, up the this point, I've only used fine, dry snuffs.  I can take each of these for hours on end before having to blow my nose.  Recently, however, I ordered a tin of NTSU black and Viking brown.  While I enjoy the scent of each, I can't seem to take more than one portion before having to blow my nose to make room for the next.  As enjoyable as the scents are, I don't particularly relish the thought of having to run through a box of Kleenex just to enjoy a moist snuff.

For users of moist snuff, do you have any advice?  Is this experience simply part of the nature of moist, course snuff?

Many thanks!


  • @Thepeug honestly I dry the tins a bit :D drip city. But then menthols used to make me drip and now they open my nose dry, ... practice?

    Firedance is my favorite dark, if that's dark enough
  • I allowed the NTSU to air out, but it's just so course that in sits like a big clump in the nose.  There's certainly something to be said for practice, though; I'll stick with it.
  • @Thepeug Uncle Squinty gave some admittedly less-palatable advice on this: shove it up your nose. He called it booger picking in reverse. Another YT reviewer suggested smearing it very thin on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. This works particularly well for snuffs with clumps as it gives you an opportunity to break them up.
  • i have the same problem so dry mine out too, all of my moist snuffs. i get more of the scent after drying them. they also stay in my nose better
  • Good advice all.  I allowed the NTSU to dry out more than the Viking, and it does indeed make a difference.  Also, smaller portions of the Viking help prevent clumping in the noise.

    One significant plus of the moist snuffs: unlike the scotches, I can sniff as hard as I want without any threat of it going down the throat!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @Thepeug Coarser grind, whatever the moisture, has its own peculiarities. Yes, it won't instantly go that far as finer snuff might, but there's a back drip issue. If you don't fancy snuff going down the throat in general, avoid reclining your head back when your nose is full of coarse snuff, be it black or brown. You might get flooded while, say, stargazing or reading the book in the bed. There's a fairly high risk of choking as well. NTSU, Taxi, Black Rappee, coarser Molens, any American fine cut (snuff) dip taken nasally and Icelandic snuff can do it.

    Just a word of warning.

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