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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Very Cheap Silver Dollar!

RoderickRoderick Member
edited September 2018 in General
Last month we had an order for Silver Dollar cancelled. Dammed EU, we can't even use the word 'Scotch'. We have a ton of SD Scotch and SD Blueberry in boxes of 12 at bargain prices. We also have a promotion on regular Silver Dollar for those that fancy a great buy. 


  • DeVilleDeVille Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Well what the hell. Looks like a win for the Canadian boys! Thanks for letting us know Roderick.

    Would there be a possibility of getting half scotch and half blueberry on an order of 12?
  • Deville, at that price I would have to say no. It's such a clearance price it isn't worth packing stopping to open the cartons. Stick the extra in a jar for next year.
  • In only ask because if a product is written up for less than $20 our customs can't nail you on duty fees. Either way I'll more than likely order some scotch. Thanks.
  • That is very interesting. Have you been hit for taxes? I only ask as the last person we had hit for tax was a four hundred dollar order eight years ago and they refused the order. It was sent back to us and we resent it and it got through with out the tax.
  • I have from the northerner a few years ago on a ~$200 order. I believe back then I paid around $150 on that order for duties and they keep getting worse. I ordered from you years ago and didn't get hit. I also ordered a bulk bag of rustica a couple months from you but that was below $20. Our duty on tobacco is ridiculous.

    Canada: born free, taxes to death. (Used to be free)
  • DeVilleDeVille Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Does this order ship from the USA or isle of man?
  • Funnily enough Canada Poste is way worse than USPS for delays. They currently hold the record at 84 days to deliver an order. The replacement arrived 50 days earlier. Plus they tried to tax a 20 CND 900 CND a few years back. Thankfully they have now more or less given up trying to tax as it is a pointless exercise.

    All shipment come from the Isle of Man.   
  • Ok thanks for the fast replies. If it's coming from isle of man I'm going to beef up my order a bit. Happy snuffing!
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