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Snuffs for times of the day?

SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
edited August 2008 in Types of Snuff
Hey guys, today I snuffed my very first pinch. What does everyone think about snuffs for times of the day? Is there a snuff you like after waking up in the morning, in the afternoon to help you concentrate on some task, in the evening to relax or after dinner, and then before bed? Does anyone arrange their snuffing day like this?

I don't know which of the snuffs I bought I should try next. I started on S.M. 500 because I wanted to see what the menthol blast was like. I have others to try and I don't know which to use except I read not to try the toasted snuffs until I get more snuffing experience under my nose.



  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    Welcome to the world of snuff, Snuffbox. Well when you get the menthol out of your nose, then have a go at your Wilsons Strasbourg. You will either love, or hate it, it's one of my favourites.
  • Thanks for the help today, Snuff Head! I will try it tonight and let you know.
  • Your more then welcome.
  • I like the idea of different snuffs for different times of the day. I am a lazy snuffer these days and just reach for the same tin, despite having thirty plus to choose from. Tomorrow I am going to to try mixing it up a bit. In fact I am going to try to stay off O&G for the whole day (I panicked a little as I typed that!) Going to go for some Spanish Jewel after my breakfast, juts to blow the cobwebs out. Then I think I will take some Toque original as my work day snuff, and try some of the F&T scented snuffs for the evening, with a couple of beers or a nice rum, or maybe the single malt I picked up last week.

    I feel these days I snuff too much out of habit and less for the delicate flavours that each snuff can bring. Going to get back to that.
  • Oh and welcome to the SnuffHouse Snuff Head, you'll like it here!
  • I like to wake up with Gawith apricot or Ozona president. I do for the rest of the day I like honey or cherry menthol. I can also do Highland Ice all day. I did an 8g pack in 3 days. I need to get more. At night I like crumbs of comfort or McCrystal’s raspberry. Gawith cola is great to cook outside with. I don’t know why but it just seems to go with charcoal.
  • I find that Toque original is great for starting off the day until lunch, the i switch to chocolate or toffee, for the evening i have blend i make myself, or toque natural.
    Also, Toque St. Clements or Grapefruit are also great in the morning.
  • Hey Snuff Head and guys,

    Thanks for your comments. Learning a lot here from the experts...

    Jarhog what do you like about Apricot in the morning? I thought of trying my Lemon Grove as I was really in the mood for it but had to run out to work and didn't have any time.

    I just had my first pinch of Wilson's Strasburg. I planned to try it last night before bed but didn't get a chance until now around lunch time. It's really very nice with a loooooong burn. Not much after taste. Not sure what I'm picking up from this as I didn't take much. More to come after the next couple of pinches probably.

    Last night I understood what somebody meant on when he talked about a "sickly run". Got it from my S.M. 500. Yicky. Is this a problem with technique or do some snuffs just do that?
  • I've been going through gram after gram of Schmalzler Fresco lately (averaging about 5 grams per day plus probably another couple grams a day of Spanish Snuff). I think I have a serious problem with this feels so good to me, and I love the flavour so much I'd eat it if I could.

    Normally in the morning I use just one pinch of menthol to clear my nose. Once that wears off I'm typically on SP snuff of one sort or another all day long pinch after pinch.
  • To smuffbox: I like the apricot and president because it has enough menthol to open the nose and eyes but not so much that it burns my nose or makes my eyes water.
  • Bryan and Jarhog I tried my S.M. 500 for the menthol blast but I didn't enjoy the flavor. Actually the flavor was fine but the aftertaste was a bit nasty. Maybe I breathed it in a bit too far. The Strasbourg I tried was alot nicer in taste and may even have some apricot notes, can't exactly place it yet, but it gives a long burn and makes my eyes water. I don't mind that but from your comment you probably wouldn't like it. I have some Wilson's Apricot which doesn't have menthol. I haven't tried it yet, have you?
  • Snuffbox, I think what you did was get that S.M. 500 to the back of your throat and that's bad news! Then that happens sort of suck it into the mouth and spit and you'll see the snuff in with the mucous. You don't want to get it into your lungs and stomach.
  • Yeah it's a pretty good bet as it was my very first try at snuffing. I was simply overjoyed not to be heaving and hacking my lungs out at my first go with snuff :) I'll give it a try again later. Thanks again for suggesting the Strasbourg, I really really like it. Great flavor and long eye watering burn. No aftertaste. I've got many others to try but I'm not snuffing very much at the moment. Enjoying a couple of nice pipes today instead.
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