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another interesting discovery.

i have noticed with the box car method i can take more snuff without my nose getting clogged up and get a very slightly better scent and more nicotine. any theories as to why? please discuss below


  • Hey @jeffecrycraft1 , in my experience some aromas are better appreciated off the hand or boxcar rather than pinch. For example SWS Golden Horn: in a pinch is like drinking red wine while holding your nose shut. Off the hand I get the full bouquet - it's a different snuff. Boxcar gives similar. Another one of my favorite snuffs Packard's club I don't find nearly as interested in a pinch as from a box car.
  • jeffecrycraft1 maybe it's because the snuff stays better in the lower part of your nostril.
  • I think it's two things I think your hand blocks any air flow past the snuff so less air flying straight into your nose if that makes sense. Also box car tends to use a bigger amount of snuff and a bigger amount of snuff means that the pile is heavier and is harder to lift. I hope that makes sense I've had it explained to me and I think I understood but not sure.
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